10 Facts about DNA Structure

Thursday, September 29th 2016. | Biology

The essential molecule of life is elaborated on Facts about DNA Structure. The body will grow, develop and function based on the instructions found on DNA. Some people consider DNA just like a recipe of life. The word DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. Nucleotides are the main components of DNA. They are the long thin molecules of DNA. Check other useful facts about DNA structure below:

Facts about DNA Structure 1: the types of nucleotides

Can you mention of the types of nucleotides. They are guanine, cytosine, thymine and adenine. The backbone made of deoxyribose and phosphate will hold the nucleotides.

Facts about DNA Structure 2: another name of nucleotides

The bases are another term used to call nucleotides. There are at least 210 types of cells found in the body. Each cell is very important since it will do their job regarding how the body functions.

dna structure image

dna structure image

Facts about DNA Structure 3: the types of cells

Some types of cells to notice include the bone cells, muscle cells and blood cells. DNA will tell the cells what to do since it contains instructions.

Facts about DNA Structure 4: a computer program

You can compare DNA structure just like a computer program where the DNA is the code or program. On the other hand, the cell serves as the hardware. Nucleotides act like the different letters found in the code.

DNA Structure Images

DNA Structure Images

Facts about DNA Structure 5: a codon

A codon is a term to call every three letters, which make a word to represent the instruction based on the type nucleotides.

Facts about DNA Structure 6: a string of codon

The example of a string of codon is GAC CAG TGA GGA ATC. It consists of three letters from the combination of A- adenine, T- thymine, C- cytosine and G- guanine.

dna structure pic

dna structure pic

Facts about DNA Structure 7: the combination

Even though there are only four letters on the DNA, the combination is billions. The gene is used to call the code within each string of DNA. Look at facts about DNA replication here.

Facts about DNA Structure 8: the function of a gene

Do you know the function of a gene? It gives the instruction for the cell to create a certain protein used by the body to grow, develop and live.

facts about dna structure

facts about dna structure

Facts about DNA Structure 9: the specific shape of DNA

DNA has the specific shape called double helix. The DNA is held together by the presence of backbone located outside the double helix structure. Check DNA facts here.

Facts about DNA Structure 10: the length of DNA

DNA is super long for it can reach the sun and back again for several times if you stretch it.

dna structure facts

dna structure facts

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