10 Facts about Docklands

Thursday, September 29th 2016. | History

Facts about Docklands present the information about the Melbourne Docklands. The location is this dockland is 1.2 miles or 2 kilometer off the Central Business District of Melbourne. The City of Melbourne is considered as the local government of the area. The 5,791 people lived in Docklands based on the census in 2011. Here are other interesting facts about Docklands:

Facts about Docklands 1: the Docklands project

In the beginning of 2000s, there was a plan announced by the Victorian government related to the project of constructing the dockland.

Facts about Docklands 2: the reason of the project

The plan was made after Andy Wong wanted to have a place to dock his helicopters and yachts. He was a billionaire.

dockland at night

dockland at night

Facts about Docklands 3: the boundaries

There are various structures bounded by docklands. To the west, you can spot CityLink. To the south and to the east, you can spot Lorimer Street across the Yarra and the Charles Grimes Bridge respectively.  Read facts about Denbigh Castle here.

Facts about Docklands 4: modern landmarks in Melbourne

The Melbourne Star Ferris wheel and Etihad Stadium are the modern landmarks of Melbourne housed in docklands.

dockland pic

dockland pic

Facts about Docklands 5: Docklands Stadium

In 1996, Docklands Stadium was constructed.  It was used to gain more interest for the developers to invest their money in the docklands.  

Facts about Docklands 6: the business importance

Bureau of Meteorology, Medibank Private, National Australia Bank, National Foods, and Myer have their headquarters in Docklands.

dockland image

dockland image

Facts about Docklands 7: the Docklands office market

The Docklands office market is very successful due to the proximity of Docklands with City Center and medium rise buildings.

Facts about Docklands 8: the water sports

Various water can be found in Docklands. Dragon Boat racing is one of them. Look at facts about dams here.

facts about docklands

facts about docklands

Facts about Docklands 9: criticism

Even though Docklands is successful, it gains a lot of criticism due to the small space for transport links, pedestrian, and green environment.

Facts about Docklands 10: the area before the foundation

The original area of Docklands was only a giant swamp and a large salt lake. The swamp was called West Melbourne Swamp. There are several heritage buildings found in Docklands like Queens Warehouse, 67 Spencer Street, Docklands Park gantry crane, the railway goods sheds, former railway offices, container sheds, and Victoria Dock and Central Pier.

dockland facts

dockland facts

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