10 Facts about Doctor Barnardo

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Get the valuable information about an Irish philanthropic on Facts about Doctor Barnardo. Barnardo was born on July 4th, 1845 and died on September 19th, 1905. His full name was Thomas John Barnardo. His famous work was related to the establishment of homes for poor children. In 1867, the first Barnardo’s home was established. Until today, there have been 60,000 children saved and trained in the homes of Barnardo so that they can get a better life in the future. Check other interesting facts about Barnardo below:

Facts about Doctor Barnardo 1: the early life of Barnardo

In 1845, Barnardo was born in Dublin, Ireland. There were five children in the family and he was the fourth one.

Facts about Doctor Barnardo 2: parents

His father was a furrier, John Michaelis Barnardo. His mother was Abigail, the second wife of his father.

doctor barnardo facts

doctor barnardo facts

Facts about Doctor Barnardo 3: education

Barnardo was educated at London Hospital to study medicine after he wanted to be qualified for a medical missionary project in China. He took the role as a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons after he was educated at Paris and Edinburgh.

Facts about Doctor Barnardo 4: the poor life of homeless and children

Barnardo was aware with the life of the poor children as well as the homeless people when he did evangelical work in the cities of England while he studied medicine in London.

facts about doctor barnardo

facts about doctor barnardo

Facts about Doctor Barnardo 5: the missionary life in China

At first, the intention of Barnardo was to be qualified for the missionary work in China. However, he later gave up the idea after seeing the homeless and children in the cities of England. The seventh Earl of Shaftesbury and the first Earl Cairns supported Barnardo.

Facts about Doctor Barnardo 6: the first opening of Dr Barnardo’s homes

In 1867, the first Dr Barnardo’s home was opened at 18 Stepney Causeway, London. Check facts about David Walker here.

Doctor Barnardo Pictures

Doctor Barnardo Pictures

Facts about Doctor Barnardo 7: the objectives of Barnardo’s home

The houses of Barnardo were established to educate, cloth and free the homeless and poor children.

Facts about Doctor Barnardo 8: the age

The age would determine the training of the children. The useful domestic occupations would be taught for the girls above 14 years old.  Look at facts about David Unaipon here.

doctor barnardo images

doctor barnardo images

Facts about Doctor Barnardo 9: personal life

Barnardo and Sara Louise Elmslie married in June 1873. The couple had similar thought about social work and evangelism.

Facts about Doctor Barnardo 10: the death of Barnardo

on 19 September 1905, Barnardo passed away because of angina pectoris.

doctor barnardo pic

doctor barnardo pic

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