10 Facts about Doctor Who

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Facts about Doctor Who talk about the famous science fiction TV program in Britain. Since 1963, it has been produced and aired in BBC. Doctor Who is considered as one of the notable TV series, which gains a lot of attention from the audiences not only Britain and other parts of the world including United States. The center of the series is about the adventure of the Doctor known as the Time Lord.  Let us check other interesting facts about Doctor Who in the following post below:

Facts about Doctor Who 1: who is the Doctor?

The Doctor is the humanoid alien who has time and space travelling. He owns a sentient time travelling space ship called TARDIS.

Facts about Doctor Who 2: the exterior of TARDIS

The blue British police box is used to define the exterior of TARDIS. When Doctor Who was aired for the first time in Britain, the box was very common. Get facts about Divergent here.

doctor who cast

doctor who cast

Facts about Doctor Who 3: the foes

The Doctor has to fight many foes. He helps the needy people and tries to save the civilization.

Facts about Doctor Who 4: the popularity

Doctor Who is considered as one of the most popular TV series in Britain. It has been aired for years. Many TV professional in Britain grew up watching the series.  Check facts about Disney Movies here.

doctor who series

doctor who series

Facts about Doctor Who 5: the running of the original program

In 1963 until 1989, Doctor Who was originally run in BBC. In 1996, Doctor Who was released in a TV movie, but the attempt was not successful.

Facts about Doctor Who 6: the re-launching of Doctor Who

Russell T Davies decided to rerun Doctor Who in 2005. He served as the head writer for the first five years of the show.

doctor who

doctor who

Facts about Doctor Who 7: the primary actor

The title role of Doctor Who was taken by Christopher Eccleston for the first series in 21st century.

Facts about Doctor Who 8: the spin-offs

There are various spin-offs of Doctor Who, which have been produced. In 2007 until 2011, The Sarah Jane Adventure was released. In 2006 until 2011, Torchwood was released. In 2016, Class will be released.

Facts about Doctor Who

Facts about Doctor Who

Facts about Doctor Who 9: the enemies

Some of the famous enemies of the Doctor are the Master, the Cybermen, and the Daleks.

Facts about Doctor Who 10: the portrayal of the Doctor

Various actors have portrayed the Doctor. They include Sylvester McCoy, Jon Pertwee, Peter Capaldi, David Tennant, Tom Baker and Paul McGann.

doctor who facts

doctor who facts

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