10 Facts about Doctors

Friday, September 30th 2016. | Medical

Facts about Doctors inform the readers about a medical doctor or physician who practices medicine. To become a doctor, he or she should study on how to diagnosis and treat the mental and physical impairments, injury and disease. The practice of a doctor can be classified based on the methods of treatment, types of patients and disease categories. The general practitioners are the doctors who apply the medical care for the communities, families and individual. On the other hand, the special medical practitioners are used to call the specialized doctors. Here are other facts about doctors to notice:

Facts about Doctors 1: the education

The doctors should have detailed knowledge about the science of medicine and the art of medicine. They need to study physiology and anatomy.

Facts about Doctors 2: the term physician

The specialist of internal medicine is often called as a physician. On the other hand, a surgeon is called as a physician who has great expertise in surgery.

doctor images

doctor images

Facts about Doctors 3: the term physician and surgeon

In the past, surgeons and physicals were considered as a different profession. Therefore, they were considered rivals in the past for at least 900 years in English.

Facts about Doctors 4: a charter

In 1518, a charter was granted for London Royal College of Physicians from Henry VIII. A separate charter was granted for the Company of Barber/Surgeons by the king in 1540.

Facts about Doctors

Facts about Doctors

Facts about Doctors 5: an internist

An internist in United States is used to describe a specialist physician. In 1996, the term hospitalist was launched. It is used to call specialist of internal medicine who work in hospital in United States.

Facts about Doctors 6: the rate of hospitalists in United States

The hospitalists occupy around 19 percent of the general internists in United States. In the Commonwealth countries, the hospitalist is called general physician. Look at facts about dermatology here.

doctor pic

doctor pic

Facts about Doctors 7: the term physician

The term physician is mostly used in United States, Brazil, and United Kingdom.

Facts about Doctors 8: Elizabeth Blackwell

Have you ever heard Elizabeth Blackwell? The first female physician who earned a medical degree in US is Elizabeth Blackwell.

doctor pictures

doctor pictures

Facts about Doctors 9: the titles

In United States, there are two kinds of titles for the trained physician. It can be D.O. or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree and M.D. or Doctor of Medicine degree.

Facts about Doctors 10: Osteopaths

Osteopaths are not physicians for they are trained to do osteopathic manipulation. However, they are not the American trained practitioners. Look at facts about diabetic retinopathy here.



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