10 Facts about Dodgeball

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Facts about Dodgeball present the information about one of the famous sport games in the world. There are two teams playing in the game where they have to throw the ball. Make sure that the ball will not hit them. This game is very popular among the elementary students at the age of 6 to 12 years old. They like to play Dodgeball at school in North America. Check other interesting facts about Dodgeball in the below post:

Facts about Dodgeball 1: the popularity of Dodgeball

Dodgeball is also popular in other parts of the world besides North America. However, they are more popular among the students in college, high school and middle school. The students in the university also like to play it.

Facts about Dodgeball 2: the informal setting

Dodgeball is also played in various informal settings such as the community, neighborhood, recreational leagues and playground.

dodgeball games

dodgeball games

Facts about Dodgeball 3: the main target

The team will have to win the game by eliminating the members of other team. They just have to hit the other members with the ball. If the opposing team throws the ball, they have to catch them and try to force the opposing members to move from outside the boundaries of the court.

Facts about Dodgeball 4: the number of Dodgeball

It is very common for the people to employ around 3 to 10 Dodgeball in a game. However, the variation regarding the number of the balls occurs.

dodgeball sport

dodgeball sport

Facts about Dodgeball 5: the exception

The exception occurs if there are many people participate in the game, but the court is very small. The amount of action in Dodgeball will make the people use more balls.

Facts about Dodgeball 6: the minimum number of balls

The Dodgeball with enforced rules usually have seven balls as the minimum number. Most players love to have an odd number of balls for it is easier for them to win the game by having an offensive action. Get facts about discus here.

facts about dodgeball

facts about dodgeball

Facts about Dodgeball 7: the measurement and material of Dodgeball

The Dodgeball is a foam ball, which has the measurement at seven inches. It has thin plastic shell. The shape and size of Dodgeball reminds the people with the volleyball.

Facts about Dodgeball 8: other materials of Dodgeball

There are other Dodgeballs created with padded canvas surface and rubber.  Look at facts about Diego Costa here.

dodgeball pic

dodgeball pic

Facts about Dodgeball 9: the court

Dodgeball can be played in various courts such as fenced area, football area and basketball court.

Facts about Dodgeball 10: a movie

There was a movie released in 2004, which showed the interest of playing Dodgeball among the young adults. The title is Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

dodgeball images

dodgeball images

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