10 Facts about Dodo Birds

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Facts about Dodo Birds inform the readers with the famous extinct flightless bird. It has the biological name Raphus cucullatus.  When they were still alive, dodo birds settled on the east of Madagascar in Indian Ocean and Island of Mauritius. Rodrigues solitaire was considered the closest genetic relation of dodo birds. Both of them were included in the family of pigeons and doves. The subfamily was Raphinae. The living Nicobar pigeon has the closest relationship with dodo bird. Let us check other interesting facts about dodo birds below:

Facts about Dodo Birds 1: the existence of dodo birds

It was believed that white dodo birds settled near the island of Reunion. However, people are confused whether the report is true or not because of the paintings of white dodos and Reunion ibis.

Facts about Dodo Birds 2: the size of subfossils of dodo birds

The weight of dodo birds was around 23 to 47 lb or 10.6 to 21.1 kilogram. The height was around 3 feet 3 inches or 1 meter based on the sufossils of dodo birds.

facts about dodo birds

facts about dodo birds

Facts about Dodo Birds 3: the appearance of dodo birds

Dodo birds were believed to live in the past since they became the important subjects in many written accounts, paintings and drawings dating back in 17th century.

Facts about Dodo Birds 4: the exact appearance of dodo birds

The experts are still in confusion to define the exact appearance of dodo birds. The illustrations, drawings and paintings of dodo birds are varied. That is why it is hard to define the exact appearance.  Look at facts about desert animals here.

dodo bird

dodo bird

Facts about Dodo Birds 5: the historical description

The historical description of dodo birds was clumsy and fat.   Many experts define the dodo birds as having a green, yellow and black beak, a tuft of tail feather, brownish-grey plumage, a grey naked head and yellow feet.

Facts about Dodo Birds 6: the food digestion

The food digestion of dodo birds was helped by the gizzard stones. The birds liked to eat fruits.

dodo birds pic

dodo birds pic

Facts about Dodo Birds 7: the primary habitat of dodo birds

It was believed that dodo birds liked to live in the woods as their primary habitat. They were also spotted in the coastal regions in the island of Mauritius.

Facts about Dodo Birds 8: the flightless animal

Dodo birds were flightless because the food was already available in the area. They did not have to fly to reach them.

dodo birds

dodo birds

Facts about Dodo Birds 9: the first record of dodo birds

In 1598, the Dutch sailors mentioned the first record about dodo birds.  Check facts about dire wolves here.

Facts about Dodo Birds 10: the last sighting of dodo birds

In 1662, people had the last sighting of dodo birds. They hunted them due to their invasive population.

dodo birds facts

dodo birds facts

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