10 Facts about Dog Fighting

Wednesday, October 5th 2016. | Animals

Facts about Dog Fighting inform the readers with a blood sport of dogs performed for the amusement of the people. The fight of dogs is conducted in a pit or a ring where the spectators are interested to find out the dog winner in the fight.  The dog fighting is performed in outdoor pit or even barns in some rural areas in the world. However, it can be spotted in abandoned buildings, warehouse, basements, garages, street, neighborhood playgrounds or even back alleys. Let us find out other interesting facts about dog fighting below:

Facts about Dog Fighting 1: the end of dog fighting game

After one of the opposing dogs is declared as the winner, the game is over.  The end of the game is characterized by the death of one dog or the fall of the dog out of the pit.

Facts about Dog Fighting 2: the loser

The loser in the game usually is killed during the fight. If it is not killed during the game, the owner of the dog will torture, beat or kill it by using a gun.

dog fighting image

dog fighting image

Facts about Dog Fighting 3: who runs the dogfights?

In United States, the dogfights are often run and managed by the criminal gangs.

Facts about Dog Fighting 4: no winner

When the dog owners call for the fight, the game ends without having a winner. Look at facts about dogs here.

dog fighting pictures

dog fighting pictures

Facts about Dog Fighting 5: the revenue of dog fighting

The income of dog fighting is taken from gambling, admission fees and stud fees.

Facts about Dog Fighting 6: a crime

Having a dogfight is a crime in all regions in United States, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia. Some countries in the world also make it illegal to perform dog fighting.

dog fighting

dog fighting

Facts about Dog Fighting 7:  the legal act

It is very sad to know that dog fighting is still legal in several countries in the world like in some regions of Russia, Honduras and Japan.

Facts about Dog Fighting 8: the history of blood sport

As I have stated before, dog fighting is a form of blood sport. This type of sport was dated back in Roman Empire.

facts about dog fighting

facts about dog fighting

Facts about Dog Fighting 9: street fighter dogs

The street fighter dogs are always connected with the gang activity. Since the owners of the dogs are not professional, they often train the dogs by physically abusing, drugging and starving them.  Check facts about dog abuse here.

Facts about Dog Fighting 10: other types of dog fighters

The other types of dog fighters include the professionals and hobbyist.

dog fighting facts

dog fighting facts

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