10 Facts about Doha

Wednesday, October 5th 2016. | Cities

Facts about Doha talk about the capital city of Qatar. The city proper houses at least 1,351,000 people. It receives the status as the fastest growing city located on the coastal line of Persian Gulf. More than 50 percent of the people in Qatar live in the city. In 1820s, Doha was established. When Qatar owned its official independence, Doha was selected as the capital city in 1971. Let us check other interesting facts about Doha by reading the entire post below:

Facts about Doha 1: the economic center

The economic center in Qatar is located in Doha. In Middle East, it also serves as one of the important financial centers.

Facts about Doha 2: Education City

Doha is called as an Education City due to their devotion to improve education as well as research. Look at Dijon France facts here.

doha city

doha city

Facts about Doha 3: the sporting events

There have been various sporting events conducted in Doha such as the 2011 AFC Asian Cup, 2011 Pan Arab Games and 2006 Asian Games. In the future, Doha will host several venues for 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Facts about Doha 4: the New7Wonders Cities

Can you mention the cities included in the New7Wonders Cities? Doha is one of them while other cities include Kuala Lumpur, Beirut, Havana, Vigan, Durban and La Paz. Check facts about Dhaka here.

doha pictures

doha pictures

Facts about Doha 5: the traditional architecture

It is not easy to spot the traditional architecture in Doha because some of them have been damaged in order to get new space for constructing the modern buildings. Some preservation is spotted in Katara Cultural Village and the Qatar Museums Authority’s ‘Al Turath al Hai’.

Facts about Doha 6: the towers

50 towers were built in Doha in 2011. The Doha Convention Center Tower is considered as the largest one. In 2012, the construction of the towers was postponed for there was a concern related to the traffic flight.

facts about doha

facts about doha

Facts about Doha 7: the infrastructure projects

Due to the preparation for the 2022 World Cup, Doha will have to build new infrastructure project, which will cost $65bn.

Facts about Doha 8: the cooling technology

Many buildings in Doha feature the cooling technology to reduce the torrid climate and excessive level of heat during the hot season.

doha qatar

doha qatar

Facts about Doha 9: transportation network

Transportation network in the city has been developed since 2004. In 2014, the new airport was opened in the city, while new highways were added.

Facts about Doha 10: a free flowing road

There was a plan to construct a free flowing road by the Public Works Authority in 2015.

doha at night

doha at night

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