10 Facts about Dolly Parton

Friday, October 7th 2016. | Music

Find out the interesting information about the notable singer-songwriter on Facts about Dolly Parton. Parton is also recognized as a businesswoman, actress, humanitarian and author. She is famous due to her contribution to country music. That is why she earns the status as the most honorable female country musician. Check other interesting facts about Parton below:

Facts about Dolly Parton 1: the albums and songs

The albums and songs of Parton are very successful. On the Billboard Country charts, 25 of her songs reached No.1. Moreover, Parton was also a recipient of 25 RIAA certified multiplatinum, platinum and gold awards.

Facts about Dolly Parton 2: the worldwide sales

Parton is also a commercial singer since her albums, songs, digital downloads and hit collections reach 100 million sales. Check facts about Delta Goodrem here.

dolly parton pic

dolly parton pic

Facts about Dolly Parton 3: the awards

Talking about the awards, Parton  has earned two academy awards nominations, 8 Grammy awards, 3 American music awards, 7 Academy of Country Music Awards, and 10 Country Music Association Awards.

Facts about Dolly Parton 4: the Country Music Hall of Fame

If you visit Country Music Hall of Fame, you can see the name of Parton. It was inducted in 1999. Look at facts about Desi Arnaz here.

facts about dolly parton

facts about dolly parton

Facts about Dolly Parton 5: songs

One of the famous singles of Parton is “I Will Always Love You”. Actually, there are at least 3,000 songs created by Parton during her career.

Facts about Dolly Parton 6: as an actress

As I have stated before, Parton is also an actress. Some of her movies include Steel Magnolias, Rhinestone, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and 9 to 5.

dolly parton pictures

dolly parton pictures

Facts about Dolly Parton 7: the early life of Parton

Her parents were Robert Lee Parton and Avie Lee. Her father worked in a construction and farm. There were 12 children in the family and Parton was the fourth one. Her birthplace was in Sevier County, Tennessee.

Facts about Dolly Parton 8: the poor family

Parton always described her family as poor. It was used as a theme in her songs like “In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) and “Coat of Many Colors”.

dolly parton image

dolly parton image

Facts about Dolly Parton 9: musical interest

Parton was interested in music since her childhood. She had the first real guitar when she was eight. Her uncle gave it.

Facts about Dolly Parton 10: performance

Parton established her musical career since she was a child. She performed in TV programs and radios.

dolly parton facts

dolly parton facts

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