10 Facts about Dolph Lundgren

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Facts about Dolph Lundgren tell the readers about the famous actor, martial artist, director, producer and screenwriter from Sweden. He was born on November 3, 1957 as Hans Lundgren. Talking about his education, he studied at Washington State University with a degree in Chemistry. In the beginning of 1980s, he went to Royal Institute of Technology where he received a degree in chemical engineering. In 1982, he was enrolled to University of Sidney. He received a master’s degree in chemical engineering. Let us check other interesting facts about Lundgren below:

Facts about Dolph Lundgren 1: karate

Lundgren is always interested with karate. In Kyokushin karate, he earned a black belt. He was also placed in the third rank. In 1980-1981, Lundgren was a European champion.

Facts about Dolph Lundgren 2: Grace Jones

Have you ever heard about Grace Jones? She is a Jamaican singer. He became her bodyguard while Grace was in Sydney. Both had a romantic relationship.

facts about dolph lundgren

facts about dolph lundgren

Facts about Dolph Lundgren 3: moving to New York

The romantic relationship with Grace Jones made Lundgren relocate to New York. He had his career as a bouncer at the Manhattan nightclub The Limelight. He also worked as a model. Get facts about Dhanush here.

Facts about Dolph Lundgren 4: a small debut role

Lundgren had a small role in A View to a Kill, a James Bond Movie because of Grace Jones. His debut role was as a KGB henchman.

dolph lundgren facts

dolph lundgren facts

Facts about Dolph Lundgren 5: the breakthrough acting

Lundgren rose to fame after he took the role as Ivan Drago, a soviet boxer in Rocky IV. The movie was released in 1985. It was considered as his breakthrough.

Facts about Dolph Lundgren 6: the action movies

Lundgren is mostly seen in action movies. During his career as an actor, he has starred in more than 40 movies.

dolph lundgren pic

dolph lundgren pic

Facts about Dolph Lundgren 7: the famous movies of Lundgren in 1980s

Lundgren had a role in The Punisher released in 1989 as Frank Castle. In Masters of the Universe released in 1987, he became a He-Man.

Facts about Dolph Lundgren 8: Lundgren in 1990s

In 1990s, Lundgren also appeared in several movies such as Blackjack (1998), Universal Soldier (1992), Dark Angel (1990), Johnny Mnemonic (1995), and Joshua Tree (1993).

dolph lundgren body

dolph lundgren body

Facts about Dolph Lundgren 9: as a director

Lundgren turned into director. He directed some movies like Icarus (2010), The Mechanik (2005), Command Performance (2009), and Missionary Man (2007). Check facts about Demi Lovato here.

Facts about Dolph Lundgren 10: The Expendables

Lundgren took part in The Expendables as Gunner Jensen when he decided to come back to Hollywood in 2010.

dolph lundgren pictures

dolph lundgren pictures

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