10 Facts about Dolph Ziggler

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Check out the detail information about the American professional wrestler on Facts about Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler is the ring name. His real name is Nicholas Theodore Nemeth. He was born on 27 July 1980. Ziggler is also famous as an actor and stand-up comedian. However, he is more famous as a wrestler. WWE signs him on the SmackDown Brand. Let us find out other interesting facts about Ziggler below:

Facts about Dolph Ziggler 1: the contract with WWE

In 2004, Ziggler had a development contract with WWE. After he signed the contract, he had to spend some time in OVW or Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Facts about Dolph Ziggler 2: the sidekick of Kerwin White

Ziggler was selected as the sidekick of Kerwin White after he was in Raw Brand in 2005. However, he had to come back to the OVW again before he was included in The Spirit Squad. Look at facts about David Wain here.

facts about dolph ziggler

facts about dolph ziggler

Facts about Dolph Ziggler 3:  the debut on Raw

In January 2006, Ziggler had his debut on Raw. In November, he returned once again to OVW after winning the World Tag Team Championship.

Facts about Dolph Ziggler 4: Florida Championship Wrestling

Ziggler had amazing victory twice in FCW Florida Tag Team Championship along with Brad Allen and Gavin Spears after he followed FCW in September 2007.  Check facts about David Arnold here.

dolph ziggler wrestler

dolph ziggler wrestler

Facts about Dolph Ziggler 5: in WWE

In September 2008, Ziggler decided to come back to WWE where he earned various titles. He earned the Intercontinental Championship four times, WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship twice, and US Championship once.

Facts about Dolph Ziggler 6: the birthplace and early life

The birthplace of Ziggler was located in Cleveland, Ohio. He became an amateur wrestler when he was educated at St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio.  When he attended Kent State University, he was also a collegiate wrestler.

dolph ziggler pictures

dolph ziggler pictures

Facts about Dolph Ziggler 7: SmackDown draft

Ziggler made into the SmackDown WWE draft in 2016. He earned the title as the first contender for the WWE World Championship after winning a six-pack challenge against his contenders like Baron Corbin, John Cena, Apollo Crews, AJ Styles and Bray Wyatt.

Facts about Dolph Ziggler 8: SummerSlam

At SummerSlam, which took place on 21 August 2016, Dean Ambrose defeated Ziggler.

dolph ziggler pic

dolph ziggler pic

Facts about Dolph Ziggler 9: appearance in other media

Ziggler also appeared in other media as an actor and standup comedian. On 9 August 2010, he was on Lopez Tonight.

Facts about Dolph Ziggler 10: video games

You can also spot the appearance of Ziggler in eight video games such as WWE 2K16, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011, and WWE 2K14.

dolph ziggler facts

dolph ziggler facts

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