10 Facts about Dolphins

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Facts about Dolphins present the interesting information about a group of aquatic marine mammals. They are considered as the diverse group. The order of dolphins is Cetacea. The dolphins have at least 40 extant species. The extant families of dolphins include the brackish dolphins or Pontoporiidae, the new world river dolphins or Iniidae, the Indian River dolphins or Platanistidae and the oceanic dolphins or Delphinidae. Let us check other interesting facts about dolphins below:

Facts about Dolphins 1: the size

The killer whale has the length of 31 feet or 9.5 meter. The weight reaches 11 short tons. The Maui’s dolphin is measured at 5.6 feet or 1.7 meter. The weight is 110 lb or 50 kilogram.

Facts about Dolphins 2: sexual dimorphism

The sexual dimorphism is found in some species of dolphins. In most cases, the female dolphins have smaller body than the male ones.

dolphins pic

dolphins pic

Facts about Dolphins 3: traveling dolphins

Dolphins can travel with the speed at 34.5 miles per hour or 55.5 km per hour. The seals are more flexible than the dolphins.

Facts about Dolphins 4: how dolphins catch the prey?

When the dolphins have to capture the fast moving prey, they will use the conical shaped teeth to capture them. Check facts about devil fish here.

dolphins images

dolphins images

Facts about Dolphins 5: the hearing sense

Dolphins have amazing hearing sense. If the dolphins are blind, they are still able to survive by focusing on the usage of the hearing sense. This sense has great adaptation to be used in the water and air.

Facts about Dolphins 6: the cold water

Swimming and diving in cold water is not a big deal for the dolphins. Their body will be warm due to the presence of the blubber or a layer of fat located under the skin.

dolphins facts

dolphins facts

Facts about Dolphins 7: the widespread distribution

The distribution of dolphins in the world is widespread. They can be found in cold and warm waters. However, most of them prefer to live in warmer tropic zones. The colder climate is more preferable for the right whale dolphins.

Facts about Dolphins 8: the diet

The primary foods for dolphins include squid and fish. The killer whales will look for larger preys such as seals.



Facts about Dolphins 9: the mating habit

The female dolphins mate per two or three years. On the other hand, the male will mate several times in a year with different female dolphins. Look at facts about Dalmatians here.

Facts about Dolphins 10: the calves

During the spring and summer months, the dolphins will deliver the calves.

facts about dolphins

facts about dolphins

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