10 Facts about Domesday Book

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Facts about Domesday Book talk about a manuscript record created under the order of King William the Conqueror. The book is also called as Great Survey for it covers the information in many parts of Wales and England. The completion of Domesday Book was in 1086. The purpose of the book was to count the land, livestock and worth of each landholder.  Here are other interesting facts about Domesday Book:

Facts about Domesday Book 1: the Medieval Latin

Domesday Book was written in Medieval Latin. You can find the native terms and abbreviated works in the manuscript.

Facts about Domesday Book 2: the primary purpose

Do you know the primary purpose for Domesday Book? William the Conqueror wanted to know the amount of taxes owed when Edward the Confessor became the king.

domesday book pic

domesday book pic

Facts about Domesday Book 3: the usage of Domesday Book

In 12th century, people had recognized the usage of Domesday Book. In Middle English, it was called Doomsday Book.

Facts about Domesday Book 4: the location of Domesday Book

The National Archives at Kew, London houses Domesday Book now.

facts about domesday book

facts about domesday book

Facts about Domesday Book 5: the online version

The online version of Domesday Book was made public in 2001 at the Open Domesday site.

Facts about Domesday Book 6: the value

Domesday Book is a historical book that people like to study today. The historical economists and modern historians are interested to learn Domesday Book.

domesday book

domesday book

Facts about Domesday Book 7: an important survey

Domesday Book is an example of survey, which covered much areas of Britain. Return of Owners of Lands conducted in 1873 was the only one, which beat the Domesday Book.
The second survey is often called Modern Domesday Book.

Facts about Domesday Book 8: the preservation

The royal Treasury at Winchester preserved the book in the end of 11th century to the early 13th century. Look at facts about Diary of Anne Frank here.

domesday book lines

domesday book lines

Facts about Domesday Book 9: the name in the past

When it was kept at the royal treasury, Domesday Book was called as Roll of Winchester or Book of Winchester.

Facts about Domesday Book 10: the publication

In 1773, the government tried to publish Domesday Book for public. In 1783, there were two volumes of Domesday Book published. Look at facts about Canterbury Tales here.

domesday book facts

domesday book facts

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