10 Facts about Domestic Cats

Tuesday, October 11th 2016. | Animals

Facts about Domestic Cats tell you about a feral cat, which has the biological name Felis catus. This carnivorous animal is cute and furry.  It is considered as one of the most popular indoor pets.  The cats are known for their ability to hunt mice and other pests. Moreover, people love the cats due to the amazing companionship. The report states that cats have over 70 breeds. Let us check other interesting facts about domestic cats below:

Facts about Domestic Cats 1: the anatomy of cats

The anatomy of cats is defined by the presence of quick reflexes, strong body, sharp teeth and retractable claws.

Facts about Domestic Cats 2: the hearing sense

Cats have amazing hearing sense. That is why it is easier for the cats to hunt vermin because the sound in high and low frequency can be heard by the cats easily. Look at facts about cats and dogs here.

domestic cat pic

domestic cat pic

Facts about Domestic Cats 3: the vision and smell

The smell sense of cats is better than human beings. However, the animals have poor color vision.

Facts about Domestic Cats 4: communication

There are wide array vocalizations of communications that cats produce such as grunting, growling, purring, hissing, mewing and trilling. Check facts about domestic animals here.

domestic cat

domestic cat

Facts about Domestic Cats 5: the population

The population of domestic cats may become feral if the pet owners fail to control the breeding rate of cats.  The population control is needed to decrease the number of the feral cats.

Facts about Domestic Cats 6: the extinction of birds

The high population of cats in isolated islands is considered as the cause of the death of many birds. The extinction of 33 bird species is associated with the high number of cat population.

domestic cat images

domestic cat images

Facts about Domestic Cats 7: the origin of the domesticated cats

It was believed that the Egyptians were the first persons who domesticated cats. However, some researches show that cats had been domesticated in 7,500 BC.

Facts about Domestic Cats 8: the role of cats in US

There was a study conducted in United States related to the popularity of cats in 2007. It took the second most popular pet. The freshwater fish takes the first place.

facts about domestic cats

facts about domestic cats

Facts about Domestic Cats 9: the activity of cats

During the night, the cats are more active. However, they actually are active at night and day.

Facts about Domestic Cats 10: the range of cats

Cats usually have their territory around 17 to 69 acres or 7 to 28 hectares around the vicinity of the house.

domestic cat facts

domestic cat facts

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