10 Facts about Domestic Violence

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Facts about Domestic Violence inform the readers with a pattern of violent behavior which presents in the domestic setting. The abuse is conducted by a person against another person. People often call the domestic violence as family violence, battering or even domestic abuse. Domestic violence occurs in cohabitation and marriage. Here are other facts about domestic violence to notice:

Facts about Domestic Violence 1: the intimate partner violence

A domestic violence conducted by a spouse or intimate partner to another partner or spouse in an intimate relationship is called as intimate partner violence. Find facts about divorce in UK here.

Facts about Domestic Violence 2: other types of domestic violence

Domestic violence may happen not only on the intimate partner or spouse but also to a roommate and children.

facts about domestic violence

facts about domestic violence

Facts about Domestic Violence 3: the forms of domestic violence

There are various forms of domestic violence, which include the sexual, emotional, religious, economic, verbal and physical abuse. Look at facts about dating violence here.

Facts about Domestic Violence 4: the degree of severity

The degree of severity of domestic violence is varied. It may take form in violent physical abuse, subtle domestic abuse, acid throwing, female genital mutilation and marital rape.

domestic violence pic

domestic violence pic

Facts about Domestic Violence 5: the domestic murders

Domestic murders may occur in some countries in the world such as dowry death, honor killing, bride burning and stoning.

Facts about Domestic Violence 6: the primary victims

Women are considered as the primary victims of domestic violence in most countries in the world. They also experience high degree of severity.

domestic violence images

domestic violence images

Facts about Domestic Violence 7: the underreported cases

One of the underreported cases of crime is the domestic violence. This crime is occurred on not only women but also on man.

Facts about Domestic Violence 8: domestic violent situations

The shame, fear, lack of financial resources, power and control and isolation are some forms of domestic violent situations.

domestic violence facts

domestic violence facts

Facts about Domestic Violence 9: the result of abuse

The domestic abuse causes negative effect such as mental illness, limited finances, chronic health problems and physical disabilities.

Facts about Domestic Violence 10: physical abuse

One type of domestic violence is physical abuse. It may take form in injury, alcohol use, pain, sleep deprivation, and denying medical care.

domestic violence pictures

domestic violence pictures

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