10 Facts about Dominica

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Let us find out the useful information about a sovereign island country on Facts about Dominica. Roseau is the capital city of Dominica. Morne Diablotins is considered as the highest point in the country. It sits at the elevation of 4,747 feet or 1,447 m. Dominica covers the area of 290 square miles or 750 square km. It is inhabited by 72,301 people based on the census conducted in 2014. Here are other interesting facts about Dominica for the readers:

Facts about Dominica 1: the native inhabitants

The Kalinago was the native people who first inhabited the island. Then The Europeans colonized the island.

Facts about Dominica 2: Columbus

On Sunday 3rd November 1493, Columbus passed the island. The word Dominica was taken from Latin word which means Sunday. Check facts about Dominican Republic here.

dominica facts

dominica facts

Facts about Dominica 3: the French colonization

At first, it was colonized by France. After the Seven Years’ War, Dominica was handed to Great Britain in 1763. English was selected as the official language. In 1978, Dominica earned their independence.

Facts about Dominica 4: the natural beauty

Dominica is famous in the world due to its amazing natural beauty. People call it as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.

dominica images

dominica images

Facts about Dominica 5: Boiling Lake

One of the impressive places to visit is Boiling Lake. It takes the record as the second largest hot spring in the world due to the geothermal volcanic activity.

Facts about Dominica 6: the rain forests

The rainforests in Dominica are lush and green. They are the house for diverse kinds of plants, birds, mammals and other animals. Check facts about Doha here.



Facts about Dominica 7: the unique species of bird

The unique species of bird that you can only spot in the country is Sisserou parrot.  The bird is spotted in national flag of Dominica. It is also called as the national bird.

Facts about Dominica 8: the economy

The two main sources of economy in Dominica are related to the agriculture and tourism. The visitors like to enjoy the beauty of the island along with the coastal areas. You can also find rivers, springs and waterfalls.

facts about dominica

facts about dominica

Facts about Dominica 9: the protected areas

Morne Trois Pitons National Park is one of the protected areas in Dominica. It features the scenic volcanic and tropical forested areas. Another park is Cabrits National Park.

Facts about Dominica 10: the center of population

Roseau is the capital city of Dominica occupied by 14,725 in 2011. Another major city is Portsmouth occupied by 4,167 people in 2011.

dominica beauty

dominica beauty

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