10 Facts about Dominican Republic

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Let us check a sovereign state located in island of Hispaniola on Facts about Dominican Republic. The area of the state covered five-eighths of the islands at the eastern part. The nation of Haiti covered three-eighths of the island. The island is shared by two countries of Haiti and Dominican Republic. Find out other interesting facts about Dominican Republic:

Facts about Dominican Republic 1: the population and area

Dominican Republic is a home for 10.08 million people. It covers the area of 18,705 square miles or 48,445 square km.  Get facts about Denmark here.

Facts about Dominican Republic 2: the capital city

The capital city of Dominican Republic is located at the metropolitan city of Santo Domingo. It is inhabited by three million people. La Romana, San Francisco de Macorís, Santiago de los Caballeros, La Vega, and Puerto Plata are the other major cities in the country.

facts about dominican republic

facts about dominican republic

Facts about Dominican Republic 3: Christopher Columbus

Columbus is famous explorer in the world. On 5 December 1492, he landed on the present day Haiti. The location was at the western area of Hispaniola.  Look at facts about Curacao here.

Facts about Dominican Republic 4: the Taino people

Since 7th century, the Taino people had occupied the island of Hispaniola. The first permanent settlement in Americas established by the European people was located at the island.

dominican republic pic

dominican republic pic

Facts about Dominican Republic 5: the independence

In November 1821, Dominican Republic declared their independence from Spanish after it was occupied for more than 300 years. José Núñez de Cáceres was the leader who managed the independence movement.

Facts about Dominican Republic 6: the economy

Dominican Republic has great economy. In the Caribbean and Central American region, it earns the status as the largest economy. In Latin America, it takes the ninth largest economy. Service is the primary source of economy even though the country was focused in mining and agriculture.

dominican republic facts

dominican republic facts

Facts about Dominican Republic 7: the stock market

BVRD, which stands for Bolsa de Valores de la Republica Dominicana, is the national stock market in the state.

Facts about Dominican Republic 8: the problems

The primary problems in Dominican Republic are centered on the inconsistent service, government corruption and unemployment even though the state features the advanced transportation infrastructure and telecommunication.

dominican republic map

dominican republic map

Facts about Dominican Republic 9: the average temperature

The average temperature in Dominican Republic is around 78.8 degrees F or 26 degrees C.

Facts about Dominican Republic 10: the culture

The most favorite sport in Dominican Republic is baseball. The national music and dance is Merengue and Bachata.

dominican republic resort

dominican republic resort

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