10 Facts about Dominique Dawes

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Facts about Dominique Dawes will show the valuable information about the retired artistic gymnast from United States. She was born on 20th November 1976. Dawes had an amazing career as a gymnast. She was honored due to her contribution to the US gymnastics. At 1996 Summer Olympics, Dawes was a member of Magnificent Seven who got a gold medal. In the World Championships, she was a silver medalist. She had been a member for the national gymnastics team of United States for 10 years. People always recognize her as the Awesome Dawesome. Let us check other interesting facts about Dawes below:

Facts about Dominique Dawes 1: the first African American woman

Dawes is famous in United States because she is the first African American woman who won an Olympic gold medal and an individual medal in gymnastics.

Facts about Dominique Dawes 2: the three female American gymnasts

Dawes along with Linda Metheny-Mulvihill and Muriel Grossfeld are the three African American women who had become the members of three Olympic medal-winning teams and completed in three different Olympic events. Dawes took part in Sydney 2000, Atlanta 1996 and Barcelona 1992.

facts about dominique dawes

facts about dominique dawes

Facts about Dominique Dawes 3: the date and place of birth

Dawes was born on 20 November 1976 in Silver Spring, Maryland. Her parents were Don and Loretta Dawes.

Facts about Dominique Dawes 4: the siblings

Don Jr is the younger brother of Dawes. Danielle is the older sister of Dawes.

dominique dawes pictures

dominique dawes pictures

Facts about Dominique Dawes 5: gymnastic

When Dawes was 6 years old, she began to know about gymnastics. She was enrolled into a tumbling class. However, the class was canceled when she came from the practice.

Facts about Dominique Dawes 6: the coach

Dawes attended Hill’s class where she was coached by Keili Hill. During her entire career as an artistic gymnast, Hill was her coach.

dominique dawes pic

dominique dawes pic

Facts about Dominique Dawes 7: the personal life

In December 2012, Dawes and Jeff Thompson engaged. He was Catholic schoolteacher. On 25 May 2013, the couple married and Dawes decided to convert into Catholicism.

Facts about Dominique Dawes 8: the first child

In March 2014, Dawes gave birth to her first child. It was a baby girl. Look at facts about Derek Jeter here.

dominique dawes images

dominique dawes images

Facts about Dominique Dawes 9: “The Evolution of Power”

Before the 2016 Summer Olympics was held, there was a commercial for Tide with the title The Evolution of Power”. The ad featured Simone Biles, Nadia Comaneci and Dawes.

Facts about Dominique Dawes 10: the Hall of Fame

In 2009, the name of Dawes was inducted at International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. Look at facts about Dirk Nowitzki here.

dominique dawes facts

dominique dawes facts

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