10 Facts about Don Bosco

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Facts about Don Bosco talk about a Roman Catholic priest, writer and educator from Italy. He had prominent role in 19th century. Saint John Bosco was known Don Bosco. He was born on 16 August 1815 and died on 31 January 1888. He worked to help the unfortunate people and children by focusing on the education. He did it when he was in Turin. Most people had to deal with the negative impact of urbanization and industrialization. Let us find out other facts about Don Bosco below:

Facts about Don Bosco 1: the Salesian Preventive System

The Salesian Preventive System is an education system developed by Bosco. He did not use punishment in his teaching method. He applied love.

Facts about Don Bosco 2: the organization

The Salesians of Don Bosco was established in Turin by Don Bosco. Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians was founded by Bosco and Maria Domenica Mazzarello. The latter one had the purpose to help the unfortunate girls.

don bosco facts

don bosco facts

Facts about Don Bosco 3: the Salesian Bulletin

The Salesian Bulletin was published by Bosco for the first time in 1875. The bulletin is still published until this present.

Facts about Don Bosco 4: a saint

In 1934, Pope Pius XI canonized Don Bosco in the Roman Catholic Church as a saint.

don bosco statue

don bosco statue

Facts about Don Bosco 5: the birthplace of Bosco

The birthplace of Bosco was located in Becchi, Italy. His mother was Margherita Occhiena, while his father was Francesco Bosco. Antonio and Giuseppe were the older brothers of Bosco.

Facts about Don Bosco 6: the show skills

Bosco learned the show skills like acrobat, magic tricks and jugglers’ secret after he was inspired from the traveling entertainers who came to the nearby hill.

facts about don bosco

facts about don bosco

Facts about Don Bosco 7: the inspiration to become a priest

Bosco was inspired to become a priest after a parish priest gave him the first instruction as a shepherd. Bosco was not able to go to school because of poverty.  He wanted to become a priest for this profession had an important role in the society.

Facts about Don Bosco 8: the first schooling

Bosco had his first schooling after he met a young priest named Joseph Cafasso in 1830. He recognized the talent of Bosco. Read facts about discipleship here.

don bosco building

don bosco building

Facts about Don Bosco 9: ordained priest

Archbishop Franzoni of Turin ordained Bosco as a priest after he had studied for 6 years. He attended the seminary at Chieri in 1835.

Facts about Don Bosco 10: the danger in Bosco’s life

The opposition to Catholic clergy grew due to the influence of the Waldensians, which made Bosco’s life in danger. Several attempts were made to threaten him such as a shooting, bludgeoning and stabbing. Get facts about Facts about Dietrich Bonhoeffer here.

basilica don bosco

basilica don bosco

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