10 Facts about Don McLean

Saturday, October 22nd 2016. | Music

Facts about Don McLean inform us with the famous singer from United States. Some of his famous songs are “Vincent” and “American Pie” included in the American Pie album released in 1971. Donald Mclean III was born on 2 October 1945. He is the third generation in the family who gets the name Donald McLean for his father and grandfather own the name. Let us find out other useful facts about Don McLean below:

Facts about Don McLean 1: the early influences

Friend Holly and Frank Sinatra were the musicians who influenced McLean’s musical style during his early years.

Facts about Don McLean 2: the teen McLean

McLean changed his musical direction when he was a teenager. The folk music grabbed his attention.

facts about don mclean

facts about don mclean

Facts about Don McLean 3: asthma

McLean suffered from asthma when he was a child. That is why he had to skip music lessons and school. However, he was still interested with music. When he was in front of friends and family, he liked to show his ability to perform music.

Facts about Don McLean 4: the first guitar

The first guitar of McLean featured the sunburst finish. He purchased a Harmony acoustic archtop guitar at the age of 16. Look at facts about Darren Espanto here.

don mclean

don mclean

Facts about Don McLean 5: the Weavers

McLean made friends with the Weavers, a folk music band particularly with their singers, Fred Hellerman and Erik Darling. It a good start for him to have contact with the music industry.

Facts about Don McLean 6: the recording

After he struggled a lot to break the musical industry, finally Mediarts released his album, Tapestry. He recorded the album in Berkeley, California in 1969.  This miracle happened after McLean was rejected 72 times by the labels.

mclean concert brochure

mclean concert brochure

Facts about Don McLean 7: American Pie

The major breakthrough of McLean was not from his first album, but from his second album American Pie. United Artists Records took over Mediarts, which made the promotion of his album easier.

Facts about Don McLean 8: the success of American Pie

American Pie was an international success with the hit singles “Vincent” and “American Pie”. The people began to take interest to check out McLean’s first album.

don mclean young

don mclean young

Facts about Don McLean 9: the meaning of “American Pie”

“American Pie” is referred to the magnum opus of McLean to the Big Bopper who passed away during a plane crash.  J.P. Richardson, Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly died in the accident.

Facts about Don McLean 10: original working manuscript

The original working manuscript of for “American Pie” was auctioned at Christie’s in New York on 7 April 2015. It was sold with the price of £809,524 or $1,205,000. Find facts about Donna Summer here.

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