10 Facts about Donald Bradman

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Facts about Donald Bradman tell the readers about Sir Donald George “Don” Bradman. He was born on 27th August 1908 and died on 25th February 2001. He was considered as the greatest batsman of all time. He was an Australian cricketer. He was nicknamed as the Don. The test batting average of Bradman is cited at 99.94. It was a wonderful record. It is considered as the greatest achievement in the world. Let us find out other interesting facts about Donald Bradman below:

Facts about Donald Bradman 1: the Australian folklore

There was an Australian folklore, which narrated Bradman playing alone with a golf ball and a cricket stump when he was young.

Facts about Donald Bradman 2: the rise of Bradman

Bradman rose into the popularity in just two years when he made into the Australian Test team.

donald bradman pictures

donald bradman pictures

Facts about Donald Bradman 3: the amazing record

Bradman had gained various kinds of amazing records during his career before he was 22. During the height of Great Depression, Bradman was a sport idol. He made consistent performance during his 20-year of career.

Facts about Donald Bradman 4: Bodyline

Bodyline is a controversial set of tactics applied to curb the scoring of Bradman. The English team devised the set of tactics.

donald bradman images

donald bradman images

Facts about Donald Bradman 5: the attention of the people

The attention of the audiences was on Bradman because of his amazing record, entertaining cricket and attack. He was an administrator and captain.

Facts about Donald Bradman 6: the dramatic comeback

Bradman made a dramatic comeback after the end of the World War 2. He was selected as the captain for “The Invincibles”, the Australian team.

donald bradman facts

donald bradman facts

Facts about Donald Bradman 7: the retirement

After Bradman retired, he became a writer, selector and administrator. He earned higher position in a game.

Facts about Donald Bradman 8: the greatest living Australian

He was called as the greatest living Australian by the Prime Minister John Howard. Check facts about Dawn Fraser here.

Donald Bradman Pic

Donald Bradman Pic

Facts about Donald Bradman 9: the honor

Bradman is still considered as an honorable player. That is why his image is featured in museum, coins and postage stamps.

Facts about Donald Bradman 10: the gold coin

A commemorative gold coin, which featured the image of Bradman, was released on 27 August 2008 on the centenary of his birth. Get facts about Dominique Dawes here.


facts about donald bradman

facts about donald bradman

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