10 Facts about Donald Duck

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One of the famous cartoon characters produced by Walt Disney Company is explained on Facts about Donald Duck. It was described as a bad tempered and mischievous duck. He has semi-intelligible speech. The physical description of Donald is seen from the yellow-orange legs, bill and feet. It has white body. He dresses up with a sailor shirt, a bow tie and a cap. Let us get other interesting information of Donald in the below post:

Facts about Donald Duck 1: the other popular characters from Disney

Donald is not the only popular cartoon character from Disney. The other ones include Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Disney Princesses.

Facts about Donald Duck 2: the films and other media

Donald appears not only comics, but also movies and other media. Outside the superhero comic, Donald is considered as the most published character in comics.

donald duck facts

donald duck facts

Facts about Donald Duck 3: why is Donald popular?

Donald is popular for he earns a great sense of humor even though he is temperamental.

Facts about Donald Duck 4: the first appearance of Donald

In 1934, Donald appeared for the first time in The Wise Little Hen. He was known as a temperamental character to Mickey Mouse in his second appearance in Orphan’s Benefit.

donald duck comic

donald duck comic

Facts about Donald Duck 5: the number of films

Can you count the number of films, which feature Donald? He appears in at least 150 theatrical movies. Some of them made to the Academy Awards.

Facts about Donald Duck 6: the film series

Don Donald was the first film series of Donald where he became the main characters released in 1937. Actually, he was a part of the comic trio along with Goofy and Mickey Mouse in 1930s.

donald duck cartoon

donald duck cartoon

Facts about Donald Duck 7: the love interest of Donald

If you are a fan of Donald Duck, you must know his love interest. She is Daisy Duck. Donald also has three nephews. They are Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Facts about Donald Duck 8: the other movies of Donald

In 1983, Mickey’s Christmas Carol saw the comeback of Donald in theatrical film. He was featured in several educational films such as in Chips Ahoy released in 1956. Look at facts about Disney Park here.

facts about donald duck

facts about donald duck

Facts about Donald Duck 9: the recent appearance

Fantasia 2000 released in 1999 featured the recent appearance of Donald Duck in a movie.

Facts about Donald Duck 10: Donald in Europe

In 1950s until 2009, Donald Duck & Co was published for this character was so popular in Nordic countries. Get facts about Disney here.

donald duck comics

donald duck comics

Are you fascinated reading facts about Donald Duck?

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