10 Facts about Donald Trump

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The renowned American businessman is explained on Facts about Donald Trump. He was born on 14 June 1946 with the full name Donald John Trump. Trump is also known as an author, TV producer and politician. Trump is on the spotlight after he earns the Republican Party nominee for the 2016 presidential election in United States. Trump is a very successful businessman who has real estate ventures and various kinds of business interest under the umbrella of the Trump Organization where he is the president and chairman. Let us check other interesting facts about Trump below:

Facts about Donald Trump 1: the constructions of buildings

Trump has constructed many buildings during his career as a businessman. He had built an urban development project situated in Manhattan along with various golf courses, casinos, hotels and office towers.

Facts about Donald Trump 2: the early life of Trump

In 1968, Trump got his bachelor degree in economics from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The birthplace of Trump was located in Queens, New York City. Look at facts about David Cameron here.

donald trump speech

donald trump speech

Facts about Donald Trump 3: the father of Trump

The father of Donald Trump was Fred Trump who owned real estate and construction firm. Donald worked in the firm while he was studying in the college.

Facts about Donald Trump 4: The Trump Organization

The firm of his father then was recalled as The Trump Organization after Donald was given the full control of the firm in 1971.

donald trump

donald trump

Facts about Donald Trump 5: cameo appearances

Trump is famous for he also appears in the media as a cameo in TV series and movies.

Facts about Donald Trump 6: Miss USA pageants

In 1996 until 2015, Miss USA Pageant was owned by Trump. He also appeared in the show. In 2004 until 2015, he was involved with a reality TV series aired on NBC called The Apprentice where he became the host and co-producer.

facts about donald trump

facts about donald trump

Facts about Donald Trump 7: the presidential nomination

In 2000, Trump was interested to get the presidential nomination for Reform Party. Before the voting was started, he withdrew himself.

Facts about Donald Trump 8: candidacy for president

Trump announced he would follow for the presidential candidacy from The Republication Party in June 2015.

donald trump facts

donald trump facts

Facts about Donald Trump 9: the presidential nominee

At the 2016 Republican National Convention, Trump was selected as the nominee for the presidential election.  Get facts about democratic government here.

Facts about Donald Trump 10: controversy

The riots and protests were spotted during some of Trump’s campaign rallies. One of his controversial statements was related to the ban of all Muslims for entering US due to the Paris Attack, which took place in November 2015.

donald trump pictures

donald trump pictures

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