10 Facts about Donating Blood

Monday, October 17th 2016. | Health

Facts about Donating Blood are interested to read for you will know an act, which presents a big impact for humanity. People often call it as blood donation. The process of drawing the blood for transfusion is called fractionation. It is defined as a process of separating the whole components of blood. There are two kinds of blood donation. It can be conducted for apheresis and WB. The latter one stands for the whole blood. The former one is used to call the process of taking the blood for particular components. Let us check other interesting facts about donating blood below:

Facts about Donating Blood 1: the blood banks

The process as well as the procedure applied during the blood donation will be supervised by the blood banks.

Facts about Donating Blood 2: the community supply

Due the low amount of blood for the community supply, the developed world has to encourage the unpaid volunteers to donor their blood.

facts about donating blood

facts about donating blood

Facts about Donating Blood 3: the directed blood donation

The directed blood donation often occurs in the poor countries. When the family or friends are sick and need transfusion, the donors will directly give their blood.

Facts about Donating Blood 4: an act of charity

Donating blood is considered as a charitable act. Some donors get payment in certain countries in the world. However, other countries decide to give paid time off the work by donating blood.

donating blood program

donating blood program

Facts about Donating Blood 5: safe process

The process of taking blood from the body is safe. However, some donors feel faint when the needle is inserted on the body.

Facts about Donating Blood 6: screening

The screening on the blood is needed for the potential donors to make sure that the blood is safe. The screening includes the test of viral hepatitis and HIV. Find facts about diseases here.

donating blood facts

donating blood facts

Facts about Donating Blood 7: medical history

The medical history is also needed to check so that this act of charity will never harm the health of the donors.

Facts about Donating Blood 8: how to take the blood

The blood may be taken by using automatic equipment. Alternatively, it can be conducted in manual method. Check facts about cutting yourself here.


donating blood

donating blood

Facts about Donating Blood 9: the recommended rules

The recommended rules have been applied by WHO related to the blood donation. The testing or screening should be conducted with specialized reagents, trained staff and laboratory facilities.

Facts about Donating Blood 10: the major problem

The developing countries will not be able to follow the recommendation due to the high expense.

donating blood bus

donating blood bus

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