10 Facts about Doncaster

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A large market town located 30 kilometer or 20 miles off Sheffield is explained on Facts about Doncaster. The town is in South Yorkshire, England.  109,805 people lived in the town based on the estimation in the mid 2014.  The Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster was inhabited by 304,185 people. If you want to reach Doncaster by air, you need to have a flight to reach Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield. The international airport is located in Doncaster. Let us check other interesting facts about Doncaster below:

Facts about Doncaster 1: the primary museum

The primary museum in the town is Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery.  You can enjoy the decorative art, fine art, local history, archeology and natural history
displayed in the museum opened in 1964.

Facts about Doncaster 2: Doncaster Racecourse

Doncaster Racecourse is one of the prominent events in the town. The trophies and silverware from the event are exhibited in the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery too. Get facts about Darlington here.

facts about doncaster

facts about doncaster

Facts about Doncaster 3: the other museums

There are many other museums found in Doncaster. They include the Ashworth Barracks Museum, Trolleybus Museum, Markham Grange Steam Museum and Aeroventure. Look at facts about Croydon here.

Facts about Doncaster 4: the exhibits in The Trolleybus Museum

Just as its name suggested, The Trolleybus Museum feature the largest trolley bus collections.



Facts about Doncaster 5: The Doncaster Little Theatre

One of the community theatres in the town is The Doncaster Little Theatre. It has 99 seats. The pantomime shows and movies are some interesting events held in the theatre.

Facts about Doncaster 6: Cast

The famous venue in Doncaster is Cast. On 2nd September 2013, the venue was opened. The cost for constructing this building is £22 million.

doncaster town center

doncaster town center

Facts about Doncaster 7: the nightlife

Doncaster has amazing nightlife. You can find more than forty clubs and bars in the city. The Market Place, Bradford Row, Lazarus Court and Priory Walk feature the bars.

Facts about Doncaster 8: the foods and drinks

The delicious local foods and drinks are served in many restaurants in Doncaster. You can come to the Copley Road and Netherhall areas.

doncaster facts

doncaster facts

Facts about Doncaster 9: the horse race

One of the most important and popular sports in the town is horse race. The beginning of horse race is associated with horse breeding in the city in 16th century.

Facts about Doncaster 10: another popular sport

Another popular sport in the city is football. Doncaster Rovers Belles is the notable female football club here.

robin hood airport

robin hood airport

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