10 Facts about Donegal

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Facts about Donegal are worthy to read if you are interested to know more about a country in Ireland. The county is located within Ulster province. The name of the country is derived from the town of Donegal. The meaning of the word Donegal is fort of the foreigners. The county town is Lifford. The local council in Donegal is Donegal County Council. Let us check the whole post below:

Facts about Donegal 1: the population

The record in 2011 stated that Donegal was a home of 161,137 people. The historic name of Donegal is Tyrconnell. look at facts about Derbyshire here.

Facts about Donegal 2:  the area and size

In Ulster, Donegal receives the status as the largest county by area and size. In Ireland, it takes the record as the fourth largest county.

county donegal

county donegal

Facts about Donegal 3: the border

The only county in Republic of Ireland, which shares a small border with Donegal, is County Leitrim. County Fermanagh. County Tyrone and County Londonderry are the counties in Northern Ireland which share larger land border with County Donegal.

Facts about Donegal 4: the cultural identity

The cultural identity of the people who live in Donegal is a little bit different from the rest of the Republic of Ireland due to its geographical isolation. That why, Donegal maintains a famous slogan “Up here it’s different” to promote Donegal.

donegal and castle

donegal and castle

Facts about Donegal 5: the largest town

The largest town in Donegal is Letterkenny.  There was a record, which stated that it was a home for 19,588 people.

Facts about Donegal 6: the historic baronies

Donegal has eight baronies. Some of them are Raphoe North, Banagh, Tirhugh, Inishowen West, Raphoe South and Boylagh. Check facts about Cumbria here.

facts about donegal

facts about donegal

Facts about Donegal 7: the hydroelectric power

The production of hydroelectric power in Donegal is spotted in the River Eme. The county is a home to the second longest river in Ireland. The name of the river is Erne.

Facts about Donegal 8: the climate

The people who live in the county enjoy the temperate climate due to the high influence of Gulf Stream. The winter season is mild wet. During the summer seasons, people perceive the damp, yet warm weather.

donegal facts

donegal facts

Facts about Donegal 9: the mountainous areas

Ulster is dominated with mountainous areas. The highest peak is at Mount Errigal, which has the height of 2,457 feet.

Facts about Donegal 10: the districts

There are several districts in County Donegal. Some of them include Gweedore, Rosses, Rosguill, Fanad and Cloughaneely.

horse riding

horse riding

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