10 Facts about Donkey Kong

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Facts about Donkey Kong will tell you the popular video game released in 1981. Shigeru Miyamoto was the conceiver of the video game. Donkey Kong is the primary character in the game depicted as a gorilla, which has various adventures in the video game series. It features some games with different genres. The fans are also served with spin-off titles.

Facts about Donkey Kong 1: the first genre

The first genre is set at an industrial construction with Donkey Kong was depicted as a villain. It was the action puzzle type and single screen platform.

Facts about Donkey Kong 2: Donkey Kong and Mario

Donkey and Mario contended each other in an arcade machine in 1981. It marked the first appearance of Donkey Kong Character. On the other hand, Nintendo selected Mario as their iconic game character.

facts about donkey kong

facts about donkey kong

Facts about Donkey Kong 3: Super Mario Bros

If you think that Mario appeared for the first time in Super Mario Bros, you are wrong since the arcade machine, which featured Donkey Kong and Mario, predated it.  Look at facts about Dark Souls here.

Facts about Donkey Kong 4: the Donkey Kong Country series

The Donkey Kong Country series was a revival of the video game released in 1994. In the series, the protagonists were Donkey Kong and his clans. The setting of the game was in native jungle.

Facts about Donkey Kong 5: the enemies in Donkey Kong Country series

This side scrolling platform game took the player to explore the adventure and action of Donkey Kong fighting against different kinds of enemies like a clan of crocodile called the Kremlings. King K. Rool was the leader of the clan.

Facts about Donkey Kong 6: the other genres

Donkey Kong not only appears in action or adventure genre. Donkey Kong Jr. Math is the edutainment genre. Diddy Kong Racing has the racing game genre. Donkey Konga is a rhythm game genre.  Look at facts about Daredevil here.

donkey kong

donkey kong

Facts about Donkey Kong 7: the tools

There are various tools for Kong to use during the game such lodging, furniture, vehicles and weapons.

Facts about Donkey Kong 8: the popularity

Kong is a very popular game. The sale reaches 40 million units around the world.

Facts about Donkey Kong 9: Donkey Kong Jr.

In 1982, Donkey Kong Jr. was released in the market. The game focuses on how Donkey Kong Jr. Secures Donkey Kong, his father from Mario.

Facts about Donkey Kong 10: Nintendo’s crossover titles

The Mario Kart series and Super Smash Bros. are some crossover titles of Nintendo, which feature Donkey Kong.

donkey kong arcade

donkey kong arcade

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