10 Facts about Donkeys

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Facts about Donkeys inform us with a domesticated animal, which has the biological name Equus africanus asinus. E. africanus is the African wild ass, which serves as the ancestor of donkey. This animal is included in Equidae horse family. For more than 5000 years, donkeys serve as a working animal for human being. Let us find out other interesting facts about donkeys below:

Facts about Donkeys 1: the presence of donkeys

The presence of donkeys is always associated with poor living for most of them inhabit the underdeveloped countries. The number of donkey population reaches 40 million individuals.

Facts about Donkeys 2: the role of donkeys

In the developed countries, donkeys are kept as pets or breeding.  The people who live in underdeveloped countries have donkeys for pack animals or draught.



Facts about Donkeys 3: the terms

A jenney or a jenny is a term used to call the female donkey. The word jack is used to call a male donkey. The word foal is used to call a young donkey. Get facts about domestic cats here.

Facts about Donkeys 4: the mules

The mules are generated when a female horse and jack donkey mate.

donkeys images

donkeys images

Facts about Donkeys 5: the domestication

The experts believed that Egyptians or Mesopotamians were the first persons who domesticated donkeys in 3000 BC. The number of donkeys is thriving today. However, the number of their ancestor, the African wild ass is very limited.

Facts about Donkeys 6: the size

It is hard to estimate the size of donkeys for the body size and weight are influenced by the management and breed of donkeys. The average weight of donkeys is around 180 to 1,060 lb or 80 to 480 kilogram. The height is around 79 to 160 centimeters or 7.3 to 15.3 hands.

donkeys facts

donkeys facts

Facts about Donkeys 7: the life span

The life span of donkeys is only 12 to 15 years if they live in very poor countries. They can live from 30 to 50 years if they are raised in wealthy countries. Look at facts about domestic animals here.

Facts about Donkeys 8: the desert land

Donkeys live in solitary state when they are in the dry regions. They are different from the feral horses and wild horses, which form groups.

donkey carts

donkey carts

Facts about Donkeys 9: the sound

The people can hear the loud call of a donkey with the range up to 3 km. The call usually lasts for 20 seconds.

Facts about Donkeys 10: the defense

When donkeys are attacked by predators, they will use the hind legs to kick and front hooves to strike.

facts about donkeys

facts about donkeys

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