10 Facts about Donna Karan

Thursday, October 20th 2016. | Fashion

Facts about Donna Karan inform the readers with the famous fashion designer from America. She owns the notable clothing label called DKNY and Donna Karan New York. DK is known as her alias. She was born on 2nd October 1948. She is from Jewish family. Let us check other useful facts about Donna Karan below:

Facts about Donna Karan 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Donna Karan was located in Borough of Queens, New York City. It was in the Forest Hills neighborhood.

Facts about Donna Karan 2: the parents

Her father is Gabby Faske. Her mother is Helen. The nickname of her mother is Queenie. Karan was born with the full name Donna Ivy Faske.

donna karans model

donna karans model

Facts about Donna Karan 3: the occupation of her parents

When Donna was 3 years old, her father died. Once, her father was a haberdasher and tailor. Her mother, Helen worked as model.

Facts about Donna Karan 4: the childhood time

Helen raised Donna and Gail in Woodmere, New York. In 1966, Karan was graduated from Hewlett High School. Then she continued her education by attending Parsons School of Design.

facts about donna karan

facts about donna karan

Facts about Donna Karan 5: Anne Klein

Karan worked for Anne Klein after she graduated from Parsons School of Design. Karan made amazing progress for she was appointed as the leader in the design team of Anne Klein.

Facts about Donna Karan 6: launching her own label

Donna Karan Label was launched after she left Anne Klein in 1985. Her primary purpose was to create modern clothes for modern people.

donna karan

donna karan

Facts about Donna Karan 7: the collection

In 1985, the first clothing collection for women was launched by Donna Karan in 1985.  Get facts about Donatella Versace here.

Facts about Donna Karan 8: the Essentials line

The most famous clothing line of Donna Karan is the Essentials line. The customers who bought the pieces enjoyed an integrated wardrobe by mixing and matching the 7 pieces.

Facts about Donna Karan 9: the title

Donna Karan earned the title as the Queen of Seventh Avenue in 1988.

Facts about Donna Karan 10: DKNY

Due to the amazing success, DKNY was created by Donna Karan. The clothes were less expensive. The denim collection was launched under the label DKNY Jeans. In 1992, Donna expanded her label by launching DKNY for men. In 1997, she let her position as a CEO. She contributed less in company after 2002. She receives various honors and awards. In 1984, her name was inducted at Coty Hall of Fame. Look at facts about denim here.
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