10 Facts about Doom

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Facts about Doom will make you learn more about one of the popular first shooter video games. It comes in a series. The game is very challenging and interesting since the undead and demons are the main enemies of the unnamed space marine if he wants to be alive. The popularity of Doom makes the developer, Id Software, releases many sequels. It has been filmed too. Here are other interesting facts about Doom for you:

Facts about Doom 1: the first person shooter game

Doom makes the gamers enjoy different kinds of improvement in the first person shooter game for they can enjoy the multiplayer game plan, 3rd-dimension spatiality and 3D graphics.

Facts about Doom 2: the sales

Doom is a commercially successful game for it has been sold in more than 10 million copies since its first release.



Facts about Doom 3: the primary series

The primary series of Doom include Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (2005), Doom (1993), Doom (2016), Master Levels for Doom II (1995) and others.

Facts about Doom 4: the spin-offs

The games are also interested to play the spin-off of Doom. You can check Doom Resurrection (2009), Doom 64 (1997) and Doom II RPG (2009).

facts about doom

facts about doom

Facts about Doom 5: Doomguy

Doomguy is a term used to call the unnamed marine person. The player will have a full control over the Doomguy during the game for it is a first-person shooter game.

Facts about Doom 6: the enemies

The undead and demons are the enemies of the Doomguy. If he wants to survive, he has to fight all of them. The Hell is the setting in the game.

john d carmack

john d carmack

Facts about Doom 7: Doom II

When you play Doom II, you will be the Doomguy again. However, you will fight the demons on earth because they invade the land. Look at facts about Dark Souls here.

Facts about Doom 8: John Carmack

John Carmack plays an important role during the development of Doom. In 1992, the original development of the game started.

id software

id software

Facts about Doom 9: Doom in other media

Doom also appears in other media. Dafydd ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver wrote four novels based on Doom game after both got the permission from Id Software. Get facts about Donkey Kong here.

Facts about Doom 10: the title of the four novels

The titles of the four novels are Endgame, Infernal Sky, Hell on Earth and the Knee Deep in the Dead. Pocket Books published those novels in June 1995 until January 1996.

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