10 Facts about Doom Paintings

Monday, October 24th 2016. | History

Those who call themselves as a fan of art painting should check Facts about Doom Paintings. The word doom is always associated with the paintings, pictures and images, which depicts the Last Judgment in Christianity. That is why the artists who create the Doom paintings will show their imagination related on how to the souls are transferred to Hell or Heaven. Let us check other interesting facts about Doom Paintings below:

Facts about Doom Paintings 1: the common subject

Doom painting is not a new subject in art. The wall and ceiling of western churches features the Doom Painting in big scale.

Facts about Doom Paintings 2: leaving the church

After the people left the church, the Doom painting was always seen.

doom paintings

doom paintings

Facts about Doom Paintings 3: the Doom paintings in medieval period

The churches built in Medieval Period often featured the Doom Paintings. The surviving ones are still seen until today. Some of them were tracked back in 12th to 13th centuries. Check facts about Donatello here.

Facts about Doom Paintings 4: the notable Doom Painting in the world

The Sistine Chapel features the most notable Doom Painting. In 1537 until 1541, Michelangelo painted the Last Judgment in the chapel.

doom paintings pic

doom paintings pic

Facts about Doom Paintings 5: the word

The OED first cited the word Doom in 1200.  This term used to call the last Judgment.

Facts about Doom Paintings 6: the Doom paintings in English Churches

During the English Reformation, the government ordered that Doom paintings on the English churches should be destroyed. Check facts about Dean Russo here.

doom paintings church

doom paintings church

Facts about Doom Paintings 7: the purpose of having Doom paintings

During the early medieval period, many churches had Doom paintings for they were the suitable instrument to encourage the Christians to stay away from the sin and misbehavior. This painting depends on the agony of Hell and the reward of heaven.

Facts about Doom Paintings 8: the location of Doom paintings at churches

The doom paintings in the churches should be visible to the worshippers. Therefore, they were located at the front of a church or at the rear wall.

doom painting

doom painting

Facts about Doom Paintings 9: the hell and heaven

The hell and heaven were the two different contrast found in the paintings. The Hell is located on the right or Christ’s left. The Heaven is on the right hand of Christ or the left side of the painting.

Facts about Doom Paintings 10: the large painting of Doom

The large painting of Doom, which depicts damnation and salvation, is seen on the church of Saints Peter and Paul, Chaldon.

facts about doom paintings

facts about doom paintings

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