10 Facts about Doomsday

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If you want to know, a character depicted as the primary opponent of Superman, check facts about Doomsday. DC Comics published the American comic books, which featured Doomsday. He is described as a super villain character. He takes No.46 in the list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time by IGN.  Let us find out other interesting facts about Doomsday below:

Facts about Doomsday 1: the notable act

The most notable act that the fans of Superman will never forget is when Doomsday kills their superhero.

Facts about Doomsday 2: Robin Atkin Downes

Robin Atkin Downes portrayed and voiced Doomsday in 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice via motion capture.  Check facts about Doom here.

doomsday cartoon

doomsday cartoon

Facts about Doomsday 3: an annual brainstorming session

An annual brainstorming session conducted in 1991 proposed the name Doomsday to kill the Man of Steel. The session was followed by the writers and editors of Superman Comics. It was the right time for Superman to be killed by a villain, which has super power since most villains of superman relay their ability on the intellect.

Facts about Doomsday 4: the introduction of Doomsday

In November 1992, Superman: The Man of Steel #17 was released in the market with a short introduction of Doomsday.

doomsday comic

doomsday comic

Facts about Doomsday 5: the full appearance

In December 1992, Doomsday had his full appearance in the edition of Superman: The Man of Steel #18.

Facts about Doomsday 6: who is Doomsday?

It was narrated that the birthplace of Doomsday was located in pre-historic Krypton. This deadly monster met Superman when he found earth. He was filled with destruction and hate for he only learned few feelings from his creator.

doomsday facts

doomsday facts

Facts about Doomsday 7: “The Death of Superman”

“The Death of Superman” is the storyline narrated in 1992 where Doomsday killed Superman.

Facts about Doomsday 8: the nickname

Doomsday earned the nickname The Ultimate. He was made by Bertron, an alien scientist. He became a predator, which earns special capabilities for he does not need any food or water to survive. Moreover, he stands the solar energy. The creator was also killed by Doomsday.

facts about doomsday

facts about doomsday

Facts about Doomsday 9: Michael Jai White

Michael Jai White provides the voice of Doomsday in the Justice League animated series.  Look at facts about Don Quixote here.

Facts about Doomsday 10: Superman: Doomsday

Superman: Doomsday is an animated direct to video movie released in 2007.  In the comic, the origin of Doomsday was elaborated. The movie featured the simplified version of Doomsday’s origin.

doomsday concept

doomsday concept

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