10 Facts about Doraemon

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Facts about Doraemon talk about a notable Japanese manga series. This character is famous around the world. The media franchise and anime series of Doraemon are varied. Fujiko F. Fujio is the writer and illustrator of Doraemon. This blue and white colored robotic cat lived with Nobita Nobi. He was a pre-teen boy helped by Doraemon who lived in 22nd century. Actually, Doraemon traveled back in time to help Nobita.  The six different magazines published the manga series of Doraemon in December 1969. Let us find out other facts about Doraemon to notice:

Facts about Doraemon 1: the original stories of Doraemon

Shogakukan is the publisher of Doraemon Manga series. The original series contained 1,345 stories.

Facts about Doraemon 2: the original volume

The writer, Fujiko Fujio was born in Tayoma, Japan. Therefore, the original volumes of Doraemon are saved in Takaoka Central Library located in the birthplace of the writer.  Look at facts about Dora here.

facts about doraemon

facts about doraemon

Facts about Doraemon 3: the sales

The sales of Doraemon have reached 100 million copies. That is why it still receives the status as one of the best selling mangas in the world.

Facts about Doraemon 4: an anime ambassador

Doraemon is called as the first anime ambassador by the Foreign Ministry of Japan in March 2008. The ministry believes that the popularity of Doraemon will help the people to understand more about the culture and anime in Japan.



Facts about Doraemon 5: awards

Various awards have been received for Doraemon. In 1997, it was awarded with Osamu Tezuka Culture Award. In 1982, the manga earned Shogakukan Manga Award for children’s manga. In 1973, it had Japan Cartoonists Association Award for excellence.

Facts about Doraemon 6: Asian Hero

Doraemon was called as Asian Hero in 2002 based on the survey of Time Asia magazine.

doraemon comic

doraemon comic

Facts about Doraemon 7: an English version

On 7 July 2014, the English version of Doraemon was aired in US.

Facts about Doraemon 8: who is Doraemon?

Doraemon is a robotic cat sent back in time to secure and guide Nobita. This teen young boy had miserable life due to the frequent bullying that he had at school and neighborhood. At school, he always earned poor grade.

doraemon bus

doraemon bus

Facts about Doraemon 9: the pocket

Doraemon has many gadgets located in his magical pocket. The gadgets are various such as the anywhere door, bamboo chopter, and others. Get facts about Captain Hook here.

Facts about Doraemon 10: the other characters

Besides Doraemon and Nobita, the other characters include Suneoo Honekawa Takeshi Goda and Shizuka Minamoto.

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