10 Facts about Dorian Gray

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Let me display the interesting information about a philosophical novel on Facts about Dorian Gray. The writer of the novel was Oscar Wilde. Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine published the complete version of the novel for the first time in July 1890. Before the publication of the novel in the magazine, the editor erased 500 words without the knowledge of Wilde for the editor worried that the story in the novel was offensive. Check other interesting facts about Dorian Gray below:

Facts about Dorian Gray 1: the reaction

The title of the novel is The Picture of Dorian Gray. After it was published by the editor with censorship, some book reviewers believed that Wilde had violated the laws related to the book publication. They believed that the book offended the morality.

Facts about Dorian Gray 2: the defense

Even though Wilde was heavily criticized, he defended his words by saying that it was an art. However, he decided to lengthen the novel and excluded the controversial material for the next publication of the novel. Check facts about Don Quixote here.

dorian gray facts

dorian gray facts

Facts about Dorian Gray 3: the new publication

In 1891, the newly version of Dorian Gray novel was published. It was the revised version, which featured the aphoristic preface. Check facts about crime fiction here.

Facts about Dorian Gray 4: the version of The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray is available in several versions. The 20 chapters are spotted in 1891 edition, while the uncensored one is available in 13 chapters.

dorian gray

dorian gray

Facts about Dorian Gray 5: the genre

Have you read The Picture of Dorian Gray before? Can you decide the genre of the novel? It is included as a Gothic fiction of 19th century.

Facts about Dorian Gray 6: the short story of Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray was depicted as a beautiful man who was painted by Basil Hallward in his full-length portrait.

facts about dorian gray

facts about dorian gray

Facts about Dorian Gray 7: Lord Henry Wotton

Lord Henry Wotton and Dorian were introduced by Basil. He was amazed with the hedonistic life of the aristocrats. Dorian believed that the only things in the world that he had to pursue were sensual fulfillment and beauty.

Facts about Dorian Gray 8: preserving beauty

He decided to sell his soul to maintain his beauty. It was okay for him to have his picture aged as long as his beauty was preserved.

facts about dorian gray

facts about dorian gray

Facts about Dorian Gray 9: the reception

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890) was poorly accepted by the critics in 19th century.

Facts about Dorian Gray 10: why did Wilde revise his novel?

Walter Pater was a cultural critic who sent Wilde letters, which led him revising the novel.

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