10 Facts about Doris Humphrey

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Facts about Doris Humphrey will talk about the dancer and choreographer. She was known as one of the 2nd generation of modern dancer pioneers in the beginning of 20th century. Humphrey was born on 17th October 1895 and died on 29th December 1958. Katherine Dunham and Martha Graham were some of her contemporaries. The first generation of modern dancer pioneers was Ted Shawn, Rith Denis and Isadora Duncan. Let us check other interesting facts about Doris Humphrey here:

Facts about Doris Humphrey 1: the techniques of Humphrey

Humphrey had her own techniques when she danced. That is why the dancers today still learn about her techniques.

Facts about Doris Humphrey 2: the parents

Pilgrim William Brewster was the ancestor of Humphrey. In 1620, he arrived on the Mayflower. Doris’ mother had a concert piano training. Her name was Julia Ellen Wells. Her father was a journalist named Horace Buckingham Humphrey.

facts about doris humphrey

facts about doris humphrey

Facts about Doris Humphrey 3: dance education

When Humphrey was educated at the Francis Parker School, she studied dancing under Mary Wood Hinman and prominent ballet masters after she was encouraged by her mother.

Facts about Doris Humphrey 4: a concert tour

Humphrey became a dancer during a concert tour in the western states. The Santa Fe Railroad was the sponsor for the concert. Look at facts about Diego Velazquez here.

william brewster

william brewster

Facts about Doris Humphrey 5: opening a dance school

When she was 18 years old, she opened her dance school in 1913. Her mother helped Doris by becoming a pianist and manager.

Facts about Doris Humphrey 6: the successful dance school

Even though Humphrey opened her dance partly due to the financial issue, it was a huge success. Her class included the ballroom dance for young adults, ballroom dance for children, classic dance and gymnastic.

Facts about Doris Humphrey 7: choreography

Doris began to learn choreography when she was enrolled in Denishawn School of Dancing and Related Arts in 1917 after Mary Wood Hinman encouraged her to move to California. Check facts about Andre Derain here.

Facts about Doris Humphrey 8: the creation of Doris

Scherzo Waltz, Soaring and Valse Caprice were some creations of Doris. They are still performed until today.

Facts about Doris Humphrey 9: a successful career

Doris enjoyed a successful career as a dancer. She also took part in Vaudeville Theater.

Facts about Doris Humphrey 10: the physical appearance

Doris had slender figure. Her height was less than 5’3”.

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