10 Facts about Dorothea Dix

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The following Facts about Dorothea Dix will talk about the American activist who struggled to increase the life of the poor mentally ill people. She was born on 4th April 1802 and died on 17th July 1887. Her full name is Dorothea Lynde Dix. The first generation of mental asylums in America was a vigorous program created by Dix after she struggled by lobbying in the US congress and state legislature. Let us check other facts about Dix below:

Facts about Dorothea Dix 1: the job position of Dix

Dix took the job as a Superintendent of Army Nurses during the Civil War.

Facts about Dorothea Dix 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Dix was located in Hampden, Maine. She had her childhood time in Worcester, Massachusetts.

dorothea dix facts

dorothea dix facts

Facts about Dorothea Dix 3: parents

Her mother was Mary Bigelow, while her father was Joseph D. There were three kids in the family and Dorothea was the first one.

Facts about Dorothea Dix 4: the role of father

Her father was abusive. Her parents were alcoholic. Therefore, she went to Boston to seek help from her rich grandmother, Dorothea Lynde. Find another figure in Donald Trump facts here.

dorothea dix museum

dorothea dix museum

Facts about Dorothea Dix 5: opening a school

The wealthy families helped Dix when she opened a school in Boston in 1821. Then she was interested to give education to the abandoned kids and poor children. However, her health condition was not good.

Facts about Dorothea Dix 6: as a writer

Dix was also a writer. She created children’s stories and devotional books in 1824 until 1830. Some of her books included The Garland of Flora (1829) and Conversations on Common Things (1824). In 1831 until 1836, Dix was in Boston to operate her model school for girl. She decided to relocate to England due to her bad health in 1836. She hoped that she would find cure in the country. There, she encountered the Rathbone family.

dorothea dix pic

dorothea dix pic

Facts about Dorothea Dix 7: the reform movement

She also realized about the reform movement called as lunacy reform in Great Britain where the activist tried to increase the care for the mentally ill people.

Facts about Dorothea Dix 8: the members of the reform movement

The members in the reform movement would create reports to the House of Commons based on the studies that they made through the investigation or research in the asylums and madhouses. Check facts about Dolores Huerta here.

facts about dorothea dix

facts about dorothea dix

Facts about Dorothea Dix 9: return to United States

Dix conducted deep investigation in Massachusetts for the insane poor in 1840 until 1841 after she returned to United States.

Facts about Dorothea Dix 10: the finding of her investigation

Her investigation was published in a Memorial. It was fiery report which made the mental hospital in Worcester expanded.

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