10 Facts about Dorothea Lange

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Facts about Dorothea Lange present the information about the documentary photojournalist and photographer from United States. She was born on 26 May 1895 and died on 11 October 1965. Do you know that her works were influential for developing the documentary photography? She was known due to her works during the Great Depression period for FSA or Farm Security Administration. Let us check other interesting facts about Lange below:

Facts about Dorothea Lange 1: the birth name

Dorothea Lange actually was not her birth name. She was born as Dorothea Margaretta Nutzhorn. When she was 12 years old, her father left the family and neglected them. Therefore, she decided to adopt the maiden name of her mother and dropped her middle name.

Facts about Dorothea Lange 2: the traumatic incidents in her early life

There were two traumatic incidents faced by Lange during her early years. One was when her father neglected the family. Another one was related to her health. When she was 7 years old, she had polio which made her had a permanent limp and weak right leg.

dorothea lange

dorothea lange

Facts about Dorothea Lange 3: the birthplace

The birthplace of Lange was located in Hoboken, New Jersey at 1041 Bloomfield Street.  Find facts about Dorothea Dix here.

Facts about Dorothea Lange 4: the education

Lange attended Columbia University in New York City for studying photography. One of her lecturers was Clarence H. White.

facts about dorothea lange

facts about dorothea lange

Facts about Dorothea Lange 5: the apprentice

She became the apprentice in some famous photography studios in New York unofficially.

Facts about Dorothea Lange 6: a photo finisher

Lange had to become a photo finisher after she had robbery. It made her stay in San Francisco even though her first plan was to travel around world. The robbery forced her to end the trip. Check facts about Dolley Madison here.

dorothea lange activity

dorothea lange activity

Facts about Dorothea Lange 7: a portrait studio

After working as a photo finisher, she had her own photo studio in the following year. It was successful.

Facts about Dorothea Lange 8: the street studio

She was touched by the condition of the street during the beginning of the Great Depression. White Angel Breadline (1933) was one of her famous works.

dorothea lange facts

dorothea lange facts

Facts about Dorothea Lange 9: Maynard Dixon

Talking about her personal life, Lange and Maynard Dixon married in 1920. Her husband was a notable painter. However, both divorced in December 1935. Then she married Paul Schuster Taylor.

Facts about Dorothea Lange 10: an award

Due to her photography work, Lange earned a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1941.

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