10 Facts about Dorothy Dandridge

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If you want to know about the eminent dancer, singer, and actress, check Facts about Dorothy Dandridge. Dandridge was born on 9th November 1922 and died on 8th September 1965. The famous movie of hers was Carmen Jones released in 1954. She earned an academy award nomination due to her famous role. Therefore, she was considered the first African American actress who earned an Academy award nomination.  Get the detail information about Dandridge below:

Facts about Dorothy Dandridge 1: as a vocalist

Dandridge was also known as a singer or vocalist where she performed at the Apollo Theater and at the Cotton Club.

Facts about Dorothy Dandridge 2: the early career

Dandridge was a member of the Wonder Children during the onset of her career. Then she was in The Dandridge Sisters. She also appeared in various movies. However, her roles were often unaccredited.

dorothy dandridge facts

dorothy dandridge facts

Facts about Dorothy Dandridge 3: Golden Globe Award

Due to her role in Porgy and Bess, Dandridge earned a nomination for a Golden Globe Award in 1959.

Facts about Dorothy Dandridge 4: the fame

Dandridge was a famous and notable movie star. There is no need to wonder that you can find her name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

dorothy dandridge

dorothy dandridge

Facts about Dorothy Dandridge 5: a biographical movie

A biographical movie about Dandridge was also released in HBO in 1999. The title was Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.

Facts about Dorothy Dandridge 6: the personal life

Harold Nicholas was the first husband of Dandridge. Harolyn Suzanne was their daughter. Then she married Jack Denison, a hotel owner. Check facts about Doris Day here.

facts about dorothy dandridge

facts about dorothy dandridge

Facts about Dorothy Dandridge 7: the death of Dandridge

Dandridge passed away when she was 42 years old where it involved mysterious situation.

Facts about Dorothy Dandridge 8: a movie deal

20th Century Fox is one of the top-notched film companies in United States. The company signed Dandridge with a three-movie deal on 15 February 1955. She would earn the income of $75,000 per movie.

carmen jones

carmen jones

Facts about Dorothy Dandridge 9: the production of Porgy and Bess

Before Dandridge accepted Porgy and Bess offered by Samuel Goldwyn, her film career was declined. The movie gave her a prominent role in Hollywood. However, the African-American community was not happy since her role in the movie degraded the black people.  Find facts about Demi Lovato here.

Facts about Dorothy Dandridge 10: the mysterious death of Dandridge

As I have stated before, Dandridge had a mysterious death. The private funeral service was conducted on 12 September 1965. Her body was cremated.

porgy and bess

porgy and bess

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