10 Facts about Dorothy Day

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Facts about Dorothy Day make you learn more the detail information about the American social activist and journalist. She was born on 8th November 1897 and died on 29th November 1980. The fame of Day was due to her conversion into Catholicism. Before she embraced Catholicism, Day had a bohemian way of life. The Long Loneliness is her autobiography, which depicted her social activism and conversion. Let us check other facts about Dorothy Day below:

Facts about Dorothy Day 1: Silent Sentinels

Silent Sentinels was the non-violent movement of the suffragist Alice Paul. Day was the member of the movement where she was jailed due to her involvement in 1917.

Facts about Dorothy Day 2: the Catholic Worker Movement

The Catholic Worker Movement was formed by Day and Peter Maurin, her fellow activist in 1930s. The main purposes of the movement were to conduct the nonviolent movement on the behalf of the homeless and poor people also to perform direct aid for them.

dorothy day

dorothy day

Facts about Dorothy Day 3: arrests

Day was arrested several times due to her civil disobedient activities. She arrested in 1955, 1957 and 1973. The latter one occurred when he was 75 years old. Check facts about David Hume here.

Facts about Dorothy Day 4: writing

As I have stated before, Day was a journalist. There is no need to wonder that she tried to speak up her opinion and point of view through words.

facts about dorothy day

facts about dorothy day

Facts about Dorothy Day 5: Catholic Worker newspaper

In 1933, Catholic Worker newspaper was co-founded by Day. In 1993 until 1980 by the time of her death, she took the position as the editor.

Facts about Dorothy Day 6: a political radical

Day’s writings and social activism were politically radical. Therefore, the American Catholic Church history considers her probably as the most notable radical.

the long loneliness

the long loneliness

Facts about Dorothy Day 7: an inspirational life

The life of Day is considered an inspiration. Her conversation was cited by Pope Benedict XVI.

Facts about Dorothy Day 8: the speech of Pope Francis

During the speech of Pope Francis before the US congress, Thomas Merton, Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln and Dorothy Day were cited as the exemplary Americans.

Facts about Dorothy Day 9: an avid reader

During the teenage years, Day was an avid reader. She read various kinds of books. Her favorite book was the Jungle by Upton Sinclair.  Check facts about Doctor Barnardo here.

Facts about Dorothy Day 10: education

Day received scholarship and studied at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1914. She relocated to New York City after studying for two years in the campus.

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