10 Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin

Sunday, October 30th 2016. | Chemistry

Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin talk about the 1964 winner for Nobel Prize for chemistry due to her development on protein crystallography. Hodgkin was a biochemist from Britain.  Her professional name was Dorothy Hodgkin or Hodgkin Crowfoot Hodgkin. She was born on 12 May 1910 as Dorothy Mary Hodgkin. She died on 29 July 1994. Here are other interesting facts about Hodgkin to notice:

Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin 1: the technique of X-ray crystallography

Her famous development was seen on the technique of X-ray crystallography. The people will be able to describe the 3-D structure of biomolecules by using her developed technique.

Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin 2: the most notable discoveries of Hodgkin

Ernst Boris Chain and Edward Abraham had predicted or guessed the structure of penicillin. The confirmation of the penicillin structure was made by Hodgkin. Another prominent finding was related to the structure of vitamin B12.

dorothy hodgkin

dorothy hodgkin

Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin 3: the structure of insulin

Hodgkin was successful to decode the structure of insulin in 1969. It was five years after she earned a Nobel Prize.

Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin 4: the widespread usage of X-ray crystallography

Since defining the structure of biological molecules is very important to know the function, the usage of X-ray crystallography is prevalent.

dorothy hodgkins molecular model of penicillin

dorothy hodgkins molecular model of penicillin

Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Hodgkin was located in Cairo, Egypt. Her mother was Grace Mary Crowfoot, while her father was John Winter Crowfoot. Both were archeologists.

Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin 6: living in Egypt

Each year, Hodgkin could only visit England for a few months since she had to live in the English expatriate community in Egypt.

dorothy hodgkin medal

dorothy hodgkin medal

Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin 7: living separately

Hodgkin had to live separately from her parents. She stated that the happiest moment in her life when her mother visited her and lived in England for a year after the end of the First World War.  Get facts about DMT here.

Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin 8: chemistry

Hodgkin was interested with chemistry since she was very young. She attended University of Oxford to study chemistry when she was 18 years old.

dorothy hodgkins penicillin

dorothy hodgkins penicillin

Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin 9: University of Cambridge

Hodgkin continued her education at Hodgkin to get his Doctor of Philosophy. John Desmond Bernal was her supervisor.

Facts about Dorothy Hodgkin 10: the famous student

Do you know that Margaret Roberts was the famous students of Hodgkin in 1940s? Margaret was the future prime minister of England. She was known as Margaret Thatcher.  Look at facts about curium here.

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