10 Facts about Dorothy Parker

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Facts about Dorothy Parker talk about a short story writer and poet from United States. She co-founded the Algonquin Round Table.  Her literary work was also prominent after they were published in The New Yorker. Parker was born on 22 August 1893 and died on 7 June 1967. She was also recognized as a satirist and critic. Even though the childhood of Parker was not happy, she was capable of pursuing her career. Let us find out other interesting facts about Dorothy Parker:

Facts about Dorothy Parker 1: screenwriting

Parker was interested to pursue a career as a screenwriter for she decided to reach Hollywood.

Facts about Dorothy Parker 2: success in Hollywood

It seems that her journey to reach Hollywood is useless for she was successful there.  Parker was nominated for Academy Award for two categories.

dorothy parker book

dorothy parker book

Facts about Dorothy Parker 3: the Hollywood blacklist

Her success did not last long in Hollywood for she was blacklisted. She was involved in the left wing politics. Get Facts about Dorothy Dandridge here.

Facts about Dorothy Parker 4: the wisecracker

Parker earned the title as the wisecracker because she was dismissive with her literary skill and talent.

dorothy parker plaque

dorothy parker plaque

Facts about Dorothy Parker 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Parker was located in Long Branch, New Jersey. There was a summer beach cottage owned by Parker’s parents.

Facts about Dorothy Parker 6: the parents of Parker

Her mother was Eliza Annie Rothschild, while her father was Jacob Henry. The birth name of Parker was Dorothy Rothschild. She was known as Dottie or Dot. A month before her fifth birthday, her mother passed away in July 1898. Check facts about Dorothea Dix here.

dorothy parker

dorothy parker

Facts about Dorothy Parker 7: working for Vanity Fair

Parker worked for Vanity Fair where she wrote theater criticism. Robert Benchley and Parker encountered each other at the magazine. Soon she became a friend of Robert E. Sherwood who was the close friend of Benchley. They established Algonquin Round Table.

Facts about Dorothy Parker 8: the national reputation

Parker developed her reputation as a wit. One of her best remarks was “How Could they tell?” She made the comment when the former president Calvin Coolidge passed away.

facts about dorothy parker

facts about dorothy parker

Facts about Dorothy Parker 9: the offensive criticism

Some powerful producers believed that Parker offended them through her criticisms even though her criticisms remained popular.

Facts about Dorothy Parker 10: the career in 1920s

Parker had a successful career in 1920s for she had published at least 300 poems and free verses in many magazines and publications like The New Republic, Vogue, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair.

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