10 Facts about Dota 2

Monday, October 31st 2016. | Entertainment

Let us find out the information about a popular video game on Facts about Dota 2. Valve Corporation is the publisher and developer of the game for Linux, Osx, and Microsoft Windows. It is called as a MOBA game or a free-to-play multiplayer online battle area game. There will be five players for each opposing team in Dota 2. Each team has their own base. Here are other interesting facts about Dota 2 to notice:

Facts about Dota 2 1:  the hero

The term “hero” in Dota 2 is very important for it is used to call each player in the game. Each player will own a powerful character, which can play in different styles and unique abilities.

Facts about Dota 2 2:  the battle in Dota 2

The battle in Dota 2 is very challenging for it is a multiplayer game where the players have to penetrate to break down the defense of the opposing team. That is why the players have to collect items and experience points.

dota 2 cosplay

dota 2 cosplay

Facts about Dota 2 3: the Ancient

The term the Ancient is used to call the team’s base made of a large structure, which should be destroyed by the opposing team if they want to win the game.

Facts about Dota 2 4: the beginning of Dota 2 development

Valve Corporation decided to hire IceFrog to create the Dota 2 in 2009. Check facts about Doom here.

dota 2 game

dota 2 game

Facts about Dota 2 5: the official release

In July 2013, the official release of Dota 2 was made for Steam. In 2015, Dota 2 was called as the first game to use Source 2.

Facts about Dota 2 6: the customization

The community, which plays Dota 2, can personalize the cosmetics for the heroes, maps and game modes. Look at facts about Donkey Kong here.

facts about dota 2

facts about dota 2

Facts about Dota 2 7: the reception

Dota 2 has amazing reception for the game enthusiasts love it much. It has at least a million players. The critics are also interested with the game due to the production quality as well as the game play. However, the steep learning curve in the game is criticized.

Facts about Dota 2 8: the official merchandise

Due to the high popularity of Dota 2,   the official merchandise is manufactured. You can get the toys, accessories and apparel of Dota 2.

dota 2 facts

dota 2 facts

Facts about Dota 2 9: the tournaments

The teams from many parts of the world like to follow the Dota 2 tournaments and competitions.

Facts about Dota 2 10: the prize

The prize of Dota 2 competitions or tournaments is more than a million dollar.  Valve hosts The International considered as the largest tournament of Dota 2.

dota 2 competition

dota 2 competition

Are you interested facts about Dota 2?

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