10 Facts about Double Bass

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The largest string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra is explained on Facts about Double Bass. People simply call it bass. To prevent the excessive ledger lines, the double bass is set one octave higher. The common tunes of double bass are G2, D2, A1, and E1 for it is as voil tuned in fourths. Let us find out other interesting information about double bass below:

Facts about Double Bass 1: the lineage

It is not easy to define the lineage of double bass. Some state that doubles bass is originated from the violin family or viol family. The people are still in fierce debate.

Facts about Double Bass 2: where the use the double bass

The double bass is used in various musical settings such as the western classical music, chamber, solo, concertos, and concert band and string section of the orchestra.

double bass facts

double bass facts

Facts about Double Bass 3: the musical genres

You are wrong if you think that double bass is only perfect to use in the classical music. It is featured in many musical genres such as rock and roll, folk music, bluegrass, 1950s blue, tango, country music, and jazz.

Facts about Double Bass 4: how to play double bass

There are two common ways for playing double bass. You can pluck the strings or even though use the arco or bow. The arco and pizzicato are applied when double bass is performed for tango music and orchestral repertoire. Check facts about Donna Summer here.

double bass photo

double bass photo

Facts about Double Bass 5: the pizzicato

Pizzicato is considered as the standard for playing a double bass if it is employed in rockabilly, blues and jazz.

Facts about Double Bass 6: the amplification

The speaker and amplifier are used to amplify the double bass when it is employed in blue and jazz. Look at facts about dance music here.

double bass pictures

double bass pictures

Facts about Double Bass 7: the usage in traditional bluegrass and classical music

The double bass will be employed acoustically in the traditional bluegrass and classical music.

Facts about Double Bass 8: the size of double bass

From the scroll to the endpin, the double bass is measured at 6 feet or 180 cm.

double bass strings

double bass strings

Facts about Double Bass 9: the customized one

The double bass is also available in the customized one where it fits the hand size and height of the player.

Facts about Double Bass 10: the material

The fingerboard is made of ebony, while the top part is from spruce. The back is usually made of maple.

facts about double bass

facts about double bass

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