10 Facts about Douglas Bader

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An important figure during the World War 2 is explained on Facts about Douglas Bader. Bader was a flying ace of RAF or royal air force. He was born on 21 February 1910 and died on 5 September 1982. Bader was one of the most celebrated heroes in the battlefield for he had damaged 11 enemy aircraft, 1-shared probable, 6 probables, and 22 aerial victories.

Facts about Douglas Bader 1: the RAF

In 1928, Bader became the member of the RAF. In 1930, he was commissioned for the first time.

Facts about Douglas Bader 2: losing the legs

Bader lost both of his legs when he crashed his plane. At that time, he did the unsuccessful aerobatics in December 1931. Get facts about Dorothy Parker here.

douglas bader images

douglas bader images

Facts about Douglas Bader 3: retirement

Bader was forced to retire as a pilot due to the medical reason after he lost both of his legs. Even though he was in a matter of life and death during the accident, Bader was capable to recover the health. He wanted to be reactivated again as a pilot.

Facts about Douglas Bader 4: the onset of Second World War

Bader joined RAF again after the World War 2 broke out. Fortunately, RAF accepted his application. Find facts about Dorothea Lange here.

douglas bader painting

douglas bader painting

Facts about Douglas Bader 5: the first victory for Bader

In 1940, Bader was involved with the Battle of France where he earned his first victory as a pilot.

Facts about Douglas Bader 6: captured by the Germans

Bader was captured by the Germans in August 1941. However, he made friend with a notable German fighter ace, Adolf Galland.

facts about douglas bader

facts about douglas bader

Facts about Douglas Bader 7: the war camp

Bader was sent to Colditz Castle. It was a war camp for the prisoners in the World War 2. Bader tried to escape from the camp several times even though he had lost his legs.

Facts about Douglas Bader 8: the liberation

The First United States Army finally liberated the prisoners in the camp including Bader in April 1945.

douglas bader pictures

douglas bader pictures

Facts about Douglas Bader 9: the oil industry

Bader pursued his career in the oil industry after he decided to leave the RAF in 1946.

Facts about Douglas Bader 10: Reach for the Sky

Reach for the Sky was the title of a film and a book about Bader’s life released in 1950s.

douglas bader

douglas bader

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