10 Facts about Douglas Haig

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Facts about Douglas Haig talk about the senior officer in British Army. He was born on 19th June 1861 and died on 29th January 1928. He was the first Earl Haig. One of his famous events in his military was when he became the commander for BEF or British Expeditionary Force during the World War 1. He had this responsibility in 1915 until the war ended. Find out other interesting facts about Douglas Haig below:

Facts about Douglas Haig 1: Battle of Somme

The Battle of Somme in the British military history is one of the battles, which consumed many casualties. During the battle, Haig was the commander.

Facts about Douglas Haig 2: the other battles

Haig also became a commander in other battles like the Hundred Days Offensive and the Third Battle of Ypres. On 11 November 1918, the armistice was applied.

douglas haig image

douglas haig image

Facts about Douglas Haig 3: the reputation of Haig

During the post war period, people gave him favorable reputation. The nation was in deep mourning when he passed away.

Facts about Douglas Haig 4: the criticism

Despite the national mourning during his funeral, he was always criticized due to his leadership during the World War 1.

douglas haig

douglas haig

Facts about Douglas Haig 5: the nickname

Butcher Haig is the nickname of Haig. The name was applied to him due to the high casualties because of Haig’s command.

Facts about Douglas Haig 6: the leadership of Haig

Even though Haig was criticized due to the lost of 2 million British causalities, one of his biographers, Major-General Sir John Davidson praised his leadership.

douglas haig pic

douglas haig pic

Facts about Douglas Haig 7: the new tactics and technologies

The public hatred over Haig’s leadership has been considered as a failed point by some historians. They believed the high casualties were unavoidable due to the adoption of technologies and new tactics. Check facts about David Farragut here.

Facts about Douglas Haig 8: the death of Haig

On 29 January 1928, Haig passed away at the age of 66 due to the heart attack at 21 Prince’s Gate, London.

facts about douglas haig

facts about douglas haig

Facts about Douglas Haig 9: the funeral

On 3 February 1928, he had an elaborate funeral ceremony. During his funeral, the crowds of people were lined along the street to pay respect for the last time on the soldier. Get facts about Deborah Sampson here.

Facts about Douglas Haig 10: the burial site of Haig

The grave of Haig is simple. It has white headstone. The burial site is located at Dryburgh Abbey in the Scottish borders.

portrait of haig

portrait of haig

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