10 Facts about Douglas Mawson

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Let me inform you with the interesting information about the Australian geologist on Facts about Douglas Mawson. Mawson raised prominence for he was one of the prominent leaders for the Antarctic expedition along with other famous explorers like Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen. He was born on 5 May 1882 in Shipley, West Yorkshire and died on 14 October 1958. His mother was Margaret Ann Moore, while his father was Robert Ellis Mawson.

Facts about Douglas Mawson 1: migration to Australia

Even though his birthplace was located in West Yorkshire, Mawson moved to Australia with his family when he was 2 years old. The family lived at Rooty Hill.

Facts about Douglas Mawson 2: the education

He went to Fort Street Model School. He got a Bachelor degree of Engineering after graduating in 1902 from University of Sydney.

douglas mawson images

douglas mawson images

Facts about Douglas Mawson 3: as a geologist

His early career was as a geologist where he went to New Hebrides in 1903. Today, the region is called Vanuatu.

Facts about Douglas Mawson 4: the report

Mawson created the geological report after his expedition in the New Hebrides. The title of the report was The Geology of the New Hebrides.

douglas mawson painting

douglas mawson painting

Facts about Douglas Mawson 5: the geological career

Professor Edgeworth David and Professor Archibald Liversidge were cited by Mawson as the important persons who influenced his career in geology.

Facts about Douglas Mawson 6: as a lecturer

Mawson then was appointed as a lecturer in 1905 for University of Adelaide. He taught in petrology and mineralogy. Do you know that davidite was the mineral identified and described by Mawson?

douglas mawson pic

douglas mawson pic

Facts about Douglas Mawson 7: Nimrod Expedition

The Nimrod Expedition took place in 1907 until 1909. Mawson decided to join the Nimrod Expedition of Ernest Shackleton to reach the Antarctic. On 16th January 1909, the flag was raised at the Magnetic South Pole by David, Mackay and Mawson.

Facts about Douglas Mawson 8: the Australasian Antarctic Expedition

The Australasian Antarctic Expedition was led by Mawson. Actually, he was invited to join the Terra Nova Expedition. However, he refused. Check facts about Dolores Huerta here.

douglas mawson

douglas mawson

Facts about Douglas Mawson 9: the death of Mawson

On 14 October 1958, Mawson passed away due to the cerebral haemorrhage at the age of 76 at his Brighton home.

Facts about Douglas Mawson 10: Mawson’s name

Mawson’s name has been used to call some important buildings and areas such as Mawson Station in Antarctic, Mount Mawson in Tasmania, and Mawson Peak in Heard Island. Read facts about Douglas Bader here.

facts about douglas mawson

facts about douglas mawson

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