10 Facts about Dover

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Facts about Dover will inform you with a town located in South East England in the county of Kent. People also recognize it as a major ferry port. Dover is surrounded by chalk cliffs. The people call them as the White Cliffs of Dover. Dover has a strategic position. Therefore, people may enter and leave Britain from Dover. The name of the city is taken from the name of River Dour, which flows into the city. Find out other amazing facts about Dover below:

Facts about Dover 1: the occupation of Dover

The archeological finds suggest that Dover has been occupied since the Stone Age. The name of the city bears the French language of Douvres.

Facts about Dover 2: a military barrack

Dover featured a military barrack. In 2007, it was closed.

facts about dover

facts about dover

Facts about Dover 3: the ferry services

The ferry services in the past were flourished in Dover. Today, they are decreased even though you still find some of them operating for tourism purpose at the Port of Dover.

Facts about Dover 4: the population of Dover

Dover was inhabited by 10,000 people based on the report of Edward Hasted in 1800. The city was occupied by 28,156 people based on the report in 2001.



Facts about Dover 5: Port of Dover

Port of Dover is under the operation of Dover Harbour Board. The busiest shipping lane in the world is located at Straits of Dover. The cruise ships also land on the Port of Dover.

Facts about Dover 6: the shopping center

The High Street and Biggin Street feature the major shopping center in Dover. Do not forget to reach the north-west of Dover for it features the Castleton Retail Park.

dover harbor

dover harbor

Facts about Dover 7: RNLI

RNLI is the organization, which can be found in all areas in Great Britain. The Western Docks feature a Severn class lifeboat. Get facts about Dijon France here.

Facts about Dover 8: the education

There are two schools for special education in Dover. The city also has 16 primary schools and 9 secondary level schools.

dover pic

dover pic

Facts about Dover 9: the social service

In 2015, the Buckland Hospital was established in Dover. It is the only hospital in the city.

Facts about Dover 10: places of interest

There are many places to visit in Dover. You can go to St Edmund’s Chapel, Pines Garden, White Cliffs of Dover, Seafront promenade and Dover Transport Museum. Check facts about Dover Castle here.

dover images

dover images

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