10 Facts about Dover Delaware

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Facts about Dover Delaware present the information about the capital of Delaware. It is the second largest city in the state. The people who lived here were around 36,047 individuals as of 2010. The name of the city is derived from Dover city in Kent, England. William Penn chose the name. The water area of Dover is 1.32 percent of the total area, while the land area is 58 square miles or 22.4 square miles. It has the total area of 59 km square or 22.7 sq mi. Let us find out other interesting facts about Dover Delaware below:

Facts about Dover Delaware 1: the climate

Based on the Koppen Climate Classification, Dover has the humid subtropical climate or warm temperate climate.

Facts about Dover Delaware 2: the summer season in Dover

The summer season in Dover is characterized with humid and hot condition. The temperature of during the season may reach 32 degrees C for 23 days per year. It is very common to spot the heavy summer thunderstorms in Dover. Check facts about Dover here.

facts about dover delaware

facts about dover delaware

Facts about Dover Delaware 3:  the sunshine

The people who live in Dover may enjoy the presence of 2300 hours of sunshine every year.

Facts about Dover Delaware 4: the racial diversity

Dover was occupied by 48.3 percent White people. The African Americans accounted for 42.2 percent of the population. It was also inhabited by the Asians, Hispanic, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders. Get facts about Denver Colorado here.

the capitol theater

the capitol theater

Facts about Dover Delaware 5: the largest employer

The state government is considered as the largest employer in Dover. Even though it is the capital of Delaware, it is not the largest city. Wilmington takes the status as the largest city in the state.

Facts about Dover Delaware 6: the cost of living

The cost of living in Dover is relatively low. That is why the city grows faster. Dover Air Force Base is another employer in the city.



Facts about Dover Delaware 7: Dover International Speedway

A major sporting event held in Dover is NASCAR races hosted at Dover International Speedway. Dover will accommodate at least 100,000 people who want to watch the NASCAR races.

Facts about Dover Delaware 8: the musical event in summer season

During the summer season, people can come to The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway to enjoy the Firefly Music Festival.

norfolk southern gp38 2

norfolk southern gp38 2

Facts about Dover Delaware 9: Delaware State University

Delaware State University is housed in Dover.  The residents of Dover can go to three public high schools here.

Facts about Dover Delaware 10: the interesting places to visits

Dover has some interesting places to visit.  The Dover Symphony Orchestra, films, and ballets are hosted at the Schwartz Center for the Arts. Other places to visit include the Delaware State Archives, the Delaware State Museum and Delaware State Library.

legislative hall

legislative hall

Are you impressed reading facts about Dover Delaware?

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