10 Facts about Doves

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One of the interesting birds in the world is explained on Facts about Doves. It is included in Columbidae family, which comprises 310 species of birds. The bird is characterized with its short slender bill and short neck. The fleshy ceres are found on the bill. The doves are distributed around the world. The Australasia and Indomalaya regions feature the most variety of doves. Let us find out other interesting facts about doves below:

Facts about Doves 1: the term dove and pigeon

The terms pigeon and dove are often used interchangeably by the general people. The word dove is taken from a Germanic word. It is used to call the diving flight of a bird. On the other hand, the word pigeon is taken from Latin word Pipio. It means peeping chick.

Facts about Doves 2: ornithological practice

The word pigeon is often used to call the larger species, while the dove is for calling the smaller species in ornithology.

doves pic

doves pic

Facts about Doves 3: the common bird

The most common bird in the world is dove. It can be found in Asia, America, Australia or even Africa.

Facts about Doves 4: the nest

The nest of dove is often spotted on the ground, ledges or even trees. They build the nest from the sticks. The young hatching from the egg which be cared by both parents. After 7 to 28 days, the young will leave the nest.  Use the word squab to call the young dove. Get facts about domestic cats here.



Facts about Doves 5:  the largest size of dove

The crowned pigeon of New Guinea is considered as the largest species of doves. The weight is around 4.4 to 8.8 lb or 2-4 kilogram. It reminds you with the size of a turkey.

Facts about Doves 6: the smallest dove

The New World ground-dove is considered as the smallest dove in Columbina genus. The weight is less than 22 gram. It looks like a house sparrow.

doves kid

doves kid

Facts about Doves 7: the Marquesan imperial pigeon

The Marquesan imperial pigeon takes the record as the largest arboreal species, which has the weight of 2 lb or 1 kilogram.  The length reaches 19 inches or 50 cm.

Facts about Doves 8: the dwarf fruit dove

The dwarf fruit dove is a very small dove. It has the length less than 5.1 inches or 13 cm.

facts about doves

facts about doves

Facts about Doves 9: the bright colored doves

If you are interested with the bright colored doves, you need to check Ptilinopus fruit doves. They are native to Indian Ocean Alectroenas and Fiji. Check facts about Donkeys here.

Facts about Doves 10: the habitat

Doves can be found living in various habitats. However, they tend to avoid the driest deserts as well as the dense rainforests.



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